Bottle Release: Time Crystals #2

Tomorrow, (Friday, December 15th) at noon we’re releasing Time Crystals #2. We’re thrilled to get this one out to you guys. Brewed in January 2017, it was aged in oak on peaches and brettanomyces until May, when we bottled it. It’s been developing in the bottle for 7 months and it’s time to cut it loose on you guys. Softer and creamier than #1, Time Crystals #2 has a beautiful balance of just a touch of tartness under peach on the palate with a tempting, complex brett aroma.

If you’ve been sleeping on Time Crystals #1, we still have some sitting around. Supplies are starting to get low, so don’t miss out. Come down tomorrow and you can pick up both bottles. Both Time Crystals are bottled in 500 ml format and are available for $13 each, tax included. These bottles are available at the pub only.


Get ready for late night weekends!

Starting this weekend, we will be open until midnight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights! The change comes ahead of the darkest days in Seattle, and we’d like to fuel your efforts to ignore the longest nights we will all soon slog through. The kitchen will still close at 10pm, but we will offer grab-and-go cold sandwiches from 10pm to 12am, so stop by this weekend if you’re in need of sustenance and a night cap!

Kegs for your party!

Having a holiday party and plan on drinking more beer than fits in a couple growlers? Consider buying a keg from us! We sell 1/6 barrel and 50 liter formats, which hold 5.2 and 13.2 gallons, respectively. We’ve just put together a page on our website that updates each week on how full our tanks are, so you can know the probability of getting any particular beer. We fill kegs on Thursdays, so we need to know by Tuesday night if you need a keg from us. Place an order either through your bartender at the pub, or email

If you’re in a hurry, stop by the pub and see if we have anything on hand. We set aside a couple 1/6 barrel kegs each week in case you need one in a hurry. Currently, we have kegs of West Coast, Ballrd Camo and Stone Cold sitting in reserve. Take a look at our new “Kegs to go” page on the website for more details.

Oh yeah, and stop by the pub today to watch the Sounders with us! The MLS Cup goes on the big screen at 1pm!

Beer Release: Death Knell

During a walk in the sun this afternoon, it became clear that it’s a lot colder than it appears to be. Winter is in full effect, and it’s a perfect combination for a fireside seat at Standard and a glass of our latest release, Death Knell. An imperial stout aged in Rittenhouse bourbon barrels, it has notes of vanilla and coconut sitting on top of rich cocoa powder and roasted graininess. It’s a warming dram for cold days, and a perfect way to slip into your weekend. Come on by.


New Beers, Apple Cup and Nog!

First off, we have two new beers for you: New Money and Ballard Camo IPA.

New Money is a lager that marries old styles with new world hops. Hop processors use liquid CO2 to remove lupulin, the fragrant powder in hops, to provide a unique product for boosting the character in IPAs. What’s left over afterword is a debittered hop that perfectly suits lighter styles, like a more chuggable lager. We used debittered Citra hops with East Kent Goldings to make New Money, and the result is a new world hop character in perfect balance with a more traditional lager. It’s 5.1% and delicious.

Ballard Camo is an IPA made with pale malt, wheat and oats and a crap load of Simcoe and Centennial, Columbus an Apollo. It’s really aromatic, with a firm bitterness balanced by creamy grains. It’s big and bold, but floral and quite dank. It’s a deceiving 7.8%, but it’s cold outside, so drink freely.

Come watch the Apple Cup at 5pm tonight! We’ll have it on the screens. We have perfect specials to accompany the game: Habanero Pimento Cheese Balls and Auto<->Reverse, a fried tofu sandwich with cabbage, potato, chayote and spinach in peanut sauce topped with hard boiled egg, cucumber, curry mayo, soy chili oil and jalapeno chips!

Lastly, if you’re feeling extra spirited, we have a batch of Connor’s egg nog at the bar and it’s soooo good. Bourbon, dark rum, milk, eggs, cream and nutmeg for $7. Come and get it!

Open on Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to let you know that we will be open on Thanksgiving from 10am to 2pm for your growler fills and bottle purchases. The kitchen will be closed, but we’ve got your beer needs covered. Swing by and gobble up some Apostle for your big feast!

Sunday bottle release: Apostle

We are thrilled to announce the release of another special bottle, just in time for the holiday season. Apostle is a rustic ale brewed at the tail end of 2016 and then refermented and aged on sour cherries with brettanomyces in oak for 9 months. It was then bottle conditioned in 750 ml format and we will be releasing it on Sunday at noon. With notes of cinnamon and pie spice over a slight tartness, this beer is a perfect match for Thanksgiving dinner. Come grab a bottle for the holiday and one for your cellar! The gorgeous labels were again designed by our good friend Garek Druss. Bottles are $16, tax included, and can only be purchased at the brewery.

Beer Release: Stone Cold IPL

It’s an overcast Friday, and well, at least it isn’t pissing rain all over the place. After a week of nasty weather, you deserve to treat yourself to something nice. Come by today and grab yourself a pint of Stone Cold IPL, an IPA fermented with lager yeast. Made primarily with Hallertau Blanc and Columbus hops, this guy is a super clean finishing and light bodied chugger. Subtle white wine notes influence an otherwise resinous, dry beer. It’s 7.3%, because sometimes you need to know that you’re drinking a beer. Pair it with today’s sandwich special, The Dancing Fool, (fried mortadella, habanero pimento, cheese, basil and tomato) and you’ll coast into the weekend in style. See you at noon.

New beers: Ludwig and Wolfgang

These two crazy Germans are going to solve your beer needs tonight. Come on by the brewery and watch a little Monday night football, or ignore it and have a sandwich with friends. Either way, we’re going through a lager phase, so get these delicious sessionable beers while you can.

Ludwig is a Vienna lager, copper in color, round and grainy, but stops short of being sweet. It’s a clean finishing beer with all of the brightness you expect from lager yeast, but it sports a toasty malt aroma with mild hoppiness. If you loved our Altbier, you’ll enjoy this guy, which is less minerally, and more round, but with the same lightness paired with malt complexity. 5.4% ABV.

Wolfgang, our schwarzbier, is making a return as well. We love this style for it’s proximity to a dry stout on the flavor wheel, but without going overboard with roastiness. Using plenty of roasted malt, this beer also utilizes a broad spectrum of kilning methods and malt types to keep it layered and deep without losing sight of drinkability. Where stout is astringent and bitter, schwarzbier is round and smooth. It finishes extremely crisp and clean, and clocks in at 5.5% ABV.

New Merch: Jerseys!

We have some awesome new merchandise for you guys. We’re now selling jerseys! They’re super comfortable with raglan style shoulders, 3/4 length sleeves and a 50/25/25 poly, cotton, rayon blend. We’re asking $37 (tax included), and they are on sale at the brewery now!


Beer Release: Helmut!

Helmut is our Munich Helles, a medium bodied lager with a full malt presence and a clean finish. A perfect fall companion for when the days run crisp and cool, but you still need something refreshing to drink. Helmut wants to watch Netflix with you. Helmut wants to go on walks and kick red and yellow leaves around. Helmut wants to go get a sandwich with you at Standard. Say hello to Helmut.


Beer Release: Crate Digger IPA

We’re bringing back one of our favorite hop combos, Crate Digger IPA! This light and dry IPA is made with heaps of Galaxy and Mosaic hops and boasts huge orange peel and grapefruit flavors with hints of tropical fruit. Come and get it while it lasts!

Patio Winterized!

I know, “winterized” shouldn’t be a word. Nevertheless, it is. So is “nevertheless”. As odd as this is, so is the fact that you can now sit outside at Standard Brewing in subfreezing temps in a hurricane and be totally comfortable! We enclosed the patio this week in a 20 mm thick, comfort-inducing plastic wall of weather rebuking awesomeness. We tested it out early this week in 55 mph gusts, and it’s so stable and comfortable you can practically drink beer out there in a tank top and shorts. Come on down and watch the Seahawks, fresh back from the bye, in sunny comfort. The kitchen is still offering an incredible take on the mid-west comfort sammy known as a Maid-Rite. We’re calling it the Minnowa, and it has ground beef, minced onion, homemade American cheese, pickles and yellow mustard. It is so dirty delicious and pairs well with any 2 or 3 beers on the board. Also, Connor has whipped up a Bloody Mary special that is so good you’ll want to slap your mama. Come on down! Game time is 1:25pm.


Beer Release: Jerry, blonde Bière de Garde

One of our favorite styles to come out of the resurgence of farmhouse ales and mixed fermentation is Bière de Garde, a layered, malt driven, dry pale ale with prominent fermentation character. You may think more of wine than beer when it comes to French culture, but beer used to be a well developed part of French beverages. Like in Belgium, farmers developed their own regional style and cellared it long for drinking at a later time. This extended time in barrels gave the beer definition and complexity, and often opened it up to the influence of wild microflora. The moderate hopping rate controlled the souring effect of bacteria, and wild yeast, such as brettanomyces, would dry out the beer and introduce a rustic, enticing aroma to the beer’s bouquet.

You may remember our award winning bottle conditioned amber version “Brett Earl”. Jerry is a blonde take on this beer. At 7.1%, it is a perfect fall beer for getting cozy while it rains outside. Come enjoy one with a sandwich in our welcoming bar.


New fresh hop and pint glass giveaway!

It’s Friday and we have another new fresh hop beer for you. We present to you: Heavens to Murgatroyd!

This year’s Mosaic fresh hops came to us from Loftus Ranches in Granger, WA. They are intensely aromatic and fruity, with loads of papaya, grapefruit and berry flavor on the palate. We steeped Heavens to Murgatroyd in very heavy helping of fresh Mosaics and then dry-hopped the crap out of it, both during and after fermentation. The result is a crusher of a hoppy extra pale at 6.2%. Come ignore fall with us over the spoils of the harvest.

You may be keen enough to notice the sexy new glassware in the above photo. Our new pints are a pub glass design, and today we’re moving on from the original shaker pint style we’ve been with for 4 years. For a limited time, we’re giving away our lightly used shaker pints so we can move on to our new design, which we’re selling for $5. Take home a piece of Standard Brewing history for free, or bring home some new branded glassware for a small fee!

Double Beer Release: Heavens to Betsy (fresh hop) and Shipwright Porter

Happy Friday! We just tapped two delicious new beers. Our first of 2 fresh hop pales is up, along with a perfect fall weather porter.

Made entirely with Citra fresh cone hops, Heavens to Betsy is the beer we wish we could always make. We drove out to Yakima and loaded up on a mountain of Citra hops to steep this soft and creamy pale ale in. We wanted to make a super easy drinking pale that was highly aromatic and full of the essence of this unique hop. It’s 5.8% and ready to take the edge off the start of your weekend.

Don’t let that distract you from Shipwright Porter, a perfectly balanced, easy drinking example of the style. It’s a full and round dark ale with a delicate interplay of bready grain and chocolate notes on the palate. It finishes clear and soft, and weighs in at 5.4%.

Bon voyage, Scott!

A couple years ago, Scott started hanging out at Standard when we first produced a Berliner Weisse. He drank it like it was going out of style, and it wasn’t long before he landed behind the bar, slingin’ pints for us. He’s made himself a fixture over the years, but he’s finally making the trek back to his home town of Philadelphia. Tonight is Scott’s last day at Standard Brewing. Come on down and wish him well, drink a pint, and chat him up. He’ll be a hard guy to replace, but we wish him the best.  Help us thank him for everything he’s done for the brewery.

If you can’t make it down tonight, we’ll be throwing a goodbye party for him this Friday at 6pm at Standard. He’ll be on the fun side of the bar that night, so you can properly toast him and send him off in style. We’ll miss you buddy!

Seahawks Opening Gameday!

We’ve had some great Seahawk memories at Standard Brewing. There was a time when we completely filled out the 8 seat bar inside the brewery to watch the NFC Championship game on a tiny TV while 10 more people overflowed around a propane heater under a wind-whipped triangular sail. I remember watching as the faithful sat with frigid, rain-dampened shoes and a 12% Snuffleupagus stout in hand while the broadcast came and went on the projector. We all sat dejected as we turned the ball over about 3000 times en route to falling behind 16-0 to the Green Bay Packers. It really felt like a return to the Super Bowl wasn’t in the cards. Then, John Ryan tossed a ridiculous touchdown on a fake punt to Gilliam. Maybe? Another turnover and we were back to drinking sadness beers, perilously close to the end of the 4th quarter, down 19-7.

Then, Beast Mode didn’t step out, and found the end zone. For the 3rd time, the projector failed. 3 minutes left. Everyone outside shout-moaned as they heard  cheers from inside. Zeke narrated through the door for the poor wet people that couldn’t fit inside. The only way we could watch the rest of the game was to cut off beer service and pack everyone into the 50 square foot space. So we did. Then, that poor guy Bostick tried to catch an onside kick off his helmet, and suddenly everyone knew Chris Matthews’ name. Another Beast Mode teeder, this time calmly walking across the line. Instead of huge celebrations, he offered cordial handshakes to teammates. Up 1 point, Pete goes for a 2 point conversion, Russ runs backwards, yackety sax style and throws the most impossible cross-body lob to Luke Wilson. Up 3. A tying field goal, an overtime, and then much beer was spilled as the chills ran down spines. Drunk on endorphins, about a dozen and a half people lost their voices watching Doug, Jermaine and Russ dominate 80 yards of field on 3 plays. We went back to the Super Bowl. People cried joyfully. Watch for yourself and try not to get pumped up.

We will all miss Jermaine Kearse. You were so clutch for so long, buddy. But football is a business too, and salary caps are what make football interesting. Now we have a receiving corps, and backfield that couldn’t be deeper, a healthy and smarter-than-ever-Russell, the best defensive backs money and buy, and Sheldon Richardson just took our D line from epic to unfathomably terrifying. On paper, we are peaking, and the season starts tomorrow. We play Green Bay in Lambeau, and we haven’t won on that field since 1999. Last year that damned field gave us one of our biggest loss margins of the Pete Carroll era, but we were deeply injured then and the weather was terrible. This will not be the case tomorrow.

We no longer have to cram into a tiny room to watch the games. You get to choose between a cozy indoor TV or a spacious outdoor projection to watch. As always, the broadcast sound goes on for Seahawk games. The fun starts tomorrow at 1:25pm, and you can eat a sandwich at halftime, and toast a comeback with a whisky. Come fan with us.


Time Crystals #1 Bottle Release, 3 New Beers on Tap!

So, this post is full of new beer. It’s ridiculous, actually. You guys have been drinking our taps dry since the new bar opened, and keeping up has not been easy. We are dropping three beers on the taps today, but first we want to tell you about this:

Today at noon we will be releasing edition number 1 of Time Crystals. You may have been one of the lucky ones to catch the single keg we tapped about 6 months ago. It started life as a blonde Bière de Garde, and was refermented in oak on apricot with a derivative of brettanomyces bruxellensis. We kegged a small quantity, then bottle conditioned the rest and sent some off to WA Beer Awards, where it took silver in the brett beer category. We are pretty darned proud of it, and we’re releasing 16 cases of it in 500 ml format. Bottles will be $13, tax included. We are super excited to be putting out our first label designed by Garek Druss and there will be more from him soon.

Next, we are releasing another Mosaic Pale, because gawdammit, it’s delicious. Pale malt, wheat and crystal malts meet a massive pile of Mosaic hops and lupulin powder for an easy drinking pale ale with no shortage of fruity hop character. Dry, cloudy and somewhat driven by yeast character, it’s our hoppy session beer of choice right now. 5.3% ABV.

Also, we present to you Heschen Imperial Stout. It’s rich, full and dripping with chocolatey fudge character, rounded by intense, double roasted crystal malt and a healthy dose of flaked oat. Munich, rye and biscuit malts layer complexity beneath a fruity yeast expression. The result is nothing but complex waves of silky fudge in beer form. 9.0% ABV.

And finally, we’ve brought back Brett Flavre, a 100% brettanomyces fermented pale ale. Flavre is a delicious middle ground between new world hops and old world pale ales. Peppery, with a hint of clovey phenol, but fruity, with a dry finish. It’s reminiscent of a Belgian pale, and perfect for the tail end of summer/bleeding edge of fall. 6.5%

Open Labor Day!

Just a note to say that we’ll be open normal hours on Labor Day, so come get your fill of beer and sandwiches in a comfortable, AIR CONDITIONED bar. We’ll be open 3pm to 10pm.