Bottle Release: Aleph Naught

We just put a new bottle up for sale, called Aleph Naught, available at the pub now! A while back we got thinking … how does brettanomyces present itself in a clean, light lager? Would the simple beer leave room for a more defined expression, or does brett work best in the land of ale’s fruity esters? Should we throw it all in during primary fermentation, or let brett run amok in a barrel by itself after the hard work of primary is over?

We couldn’t take it any longer, so we gave it a shot. We filled a couple of neutral wine barrels with a simple base beer that might make a great pilsner, and pitched nothing but a single strain of brettanomyces and lager yeast during cool months, to help keep the internal temperature of the beer in lager range. Then we left it alone. After 3 months, it became intense. It was too intense for most people to handle, and it was lacking body and depth. Still, the way brett came through was tantalizing, and deserved consideration as a blending element.

We found a suitable match in an 18 month old ale aged on a ridiculously complex set of microflora. It was round and supple, but seemed to be developing brett character very slowly. It really needed something aromatic and light to complete the beer. The combination made both beers better. Together, they were soft, but not flabby, full of character, but not overpowering. Delicious! Think Animas Forks with less acidity and a more pronounced nose, or Brett Earl with a silky body and a touch of tartness and a notes of strawberry on the mid-palate. It’s one of the most balanced beers we’ve produced from our barrel room yet.

We gave Garek Druss a concept to run with and he gave us another beautiful label. Patterns lay on patterns, as blending beer often seems to marry multiple cohesive concepts together. This bottle in in 750 ml format only, and is priced at $16 each, tax included. Available at the pub now!


Bottle Release: VOODOO FUNK

It’s been a minute. Social media has been tough to keep up on lately. The hop harvest has already brought 4 trips over the mountains to Yakima for fresh hops, industry events and sensory evaluations. A collaboration with our friends at Matchless Brewing took us to Tumwater. GABF took us to Denver. If it ain’t one thing, it’s another, but the important thing is that we’re keeping up on producing beer! And we’ll have some other big news coming soon …

Today we are releasing VOODOO FUNK, a 3.4% Berliner Weisse-style ale, fermented and aged in oak for 3 months, then bottle conditioned for 14 months to develop complexity before release. Light bodied, bone-dry, lactic and low alcohol (3.4%), but far more complex than many recent versions of the style. Brettanomyces influence in this beer is subtle, but will develop with time in the cellar. Goes great with food. Come on down and grab a bottle. $12 per 750 ml, tax included!


Bottle Release: Animas Forks

Starting tomorrow at 11am, we will be selling Animas Forks, a blended Bière de Garde, in 750 ml format. Bottles will be $18, tax included.

Bière de Garde is an often overlooked style in the world of farmhouse ales, but it happens to be one of our favorites. It is a broad style, varying in acidity, maltiness, and degrees of bretty funk. We’ve made quite a few over the years, from our low acid, amber, funky, Brett Earl, to the blonde, clean, Jerry. We’ve even used it as a base for our fruited brett beer, Time Crystals.

Animas Forks is another piece of the puzzle for us. Indulging in fruity acidity as well as brett aromatics, it is the most luscious of our takes on the style. A blend of varying ages, it brings together the best attributes of young and old Bière de Garde in a bottle that then underwent further bottle conditioning to incorporate all of the elements and bring a roundness to the palate. All of this is brought together with another beautiful label designed by the venerable Garek Druss, who has never done us wrong.


Expanded Hours!

Happy Monday, everyone. If you’ve been struggling since rolling in to work, perhaps we can perk up your day with some great news. Effective immediately, Standard’s Public House is open from 11am till midnight every single day of the week! Need lunch for your office? You can order lunch delivered through our Caviar page! Can’t handle the office for a minute longer? Come down to the pub and eat here! Never get kicked out of Standard at 10pm again!

New Beers: Edith and Schwarzkölsch

We are open today, and ready to fill your glasses with a couple new beers that just hit the taps.

Edith is our tart, mixed culture Saison. Fermented in oak and aged for three months, it’s full of fruity yeast expression, with complex citrus and pepper notes and subtle brett character. It’s a real thirst quencher, and 6.3%.



Schwarzkölsch is not stylistically a Kölsch, but more of a schwarzbier made with Kölsch yeast. While we try not to mess too much with classic German styles, we’ve found that the fruitiness of Kölsch yeast works really well with the schwarzbier style. The result is a low alcohol dark beer that is rounder and fuller than a typical schwarzbier. Come enjoy one of these 5.2% lovelies.


New Beer: Soft Power w/Citra

Thank you to everyone that came down Friday and Saturday to help us celebrate 5 years of Standard! It’s been a blast. We are still going, though, so if you didn’t make it down, come spend a sunny Sunday with us. We’ve got a new beer on tap for you, and it’s made for a party.

Soft Power is a series of session pale ales that focus on heavy hopping and low bitterness. The grain bill of Pilsner, malted wheat and flaked wheat is designed to keep it soft and clean, while allowing the hops to sing. This batch is made entirely with Citra and leans heavily on the orange and tropical fruit notes. At 4.7%, the low alcohol allows you to indulge without paying for it. Come and get it!


5 Incredible Years!

Somehow, it’s been 5 years since the start of this ultramarathon. When Standard first opened, the wave of new Seattle breweries was just beginning. The term “nanobrewery” still seemed like a bit of a joke. There weren’t many places to find advice on how to do a brewery on a one barrel system. Epic Ales and NW Peaks were the only Seattle evidence that it could work, and it was with a considerable amount of trepidation and fear that our doors opened in the spring of 2013. I initially had no idea what the long game was going to be, but when the sun came out and the neighborhood lined up for beer, the ball began rolling. It was a huge surprise to see scores of breweries open in the following few years, and beer became the new focus of the beverage world. As our neighborhood grew around us, and the general interest in and appreciation for beer built on itself, it became clear that the only sustainable choice for us was to double down. After 2 years of manual labor and the hard work and thoughtfulness of a fantastic team, we’ve broken in our new digs and built an awesome group of people around us. It’s with a full heart and immense gratitude that we approach our fifth birthday. Thank you, Central District for sticking with us through constant growth and “in-between” stages. Thank you, Seattle beer nerds, for spreading the word and showing up to our bottle releases. Thank you to Chris, Connor, Sami, David, Devin, Ashley and Daniel for all the hard work and for rallying to make Standard as good as it can be. It has been an adventure, and immensely fulfilling to bring together so many people over our beer, food and cocktails. Come raise a glass with us and welcome the next five years. We have some fantastic things for you this weekend.

Sandwich special: We will have a slow roasted pigs’ head sandwich with ají panca (Peruvian red chili), hard boiled egg, butter lettuce, tomato, cracklin’, salsa criolla (pickled onions) and mayonnaise. Our spent grain goes to feed the pigs at the farm that provided the pigs’ heads, so it’s quite fitting they’ll be making a full circle back to Standard.

Cocktail list: We’ve compiled a list of classic and original cocktails we love to help get the party started right.

Two new bottle releases: Poly Rythmo ($16, tax included) is an ale fermented and aged in oak for 10 months before a refermentation on blackberries and bottle conditioning with brettanomyces. Babylon ($18, tax included) is a sour ale fermented and aged in freshly dumped Syrah barrels for 9 months before refermentation in the bottle. Both are released in 750 ml format. Babylon has also been keg conditioned and will be released for a limited time on tap. Both labels were designed by Garek Druss, the genius behind our last couple labels.

Commemorative glassware: We made 100 glasses that we’ll be selling to those that come to the party. Gold rimmed, gold printed “year five” stemware will be sold for $11, tax included, limit one per person.

Two new tee shirts and a new hat: Garek’s amazing Poly Rythmo label has been applied to a tee shirt ($28, tax included), and we also commissioned him to do an anniversary tee that is super killer. Get the new black on black hat to go with your shirt choice!

Come party with us for three days. We’ll be open normal hours all weekend!

Beer Release: Super Thetan

Perfect for a sunny Sunday, we have a new fruited Amercian sour on tap. Super Thetan focuses on intense lactic acidity, with sour cherry character to add complexity. Even at it’s 7.2% ABV, it’s a delicious refresher for those that like their sours a little more intense. come give it a whirl and get some sun on your skin.


Save the Date … 5 Years of Standard!

This coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday (March 23rd, 24th, and 25th) we’ll be throwing a party, and we want you to come help us celebrate … Standard Brewing will be 5 years old! We will be releasing two bottles from our barrel room; Poly Rythmo, a brett conditioned blackberry ale and Babylon, an American sour fermented and aged in freshly dumped Syrah barrels. Labels were again designed by the amazing Garek Druss. He’s been working with us on the last couple releases and we couldn’t be more proud to have his handiwork on our bottles.

We will be releasing a special Poly Rythmo tee shirt as well as a special edition anniversary tee shirt that is incredible, a cornucopia of psychedelia complete with hidden symbolic bits referencing Standard’s 5 years. There will be new black hats with black embroidery, our sexiest hat yet. Aaaaand there will be gold rimmed, gold printed commemorative stemware you’re gonna need to drink our beer from! It’s a super limited run, and they won’t last.

EVEN BETTER … the wonderful farmer that has been feeding livestock with our spent grain for the last few years is sending us a couple of pig heads for our kitchen to make specials with. It is impossible to imagine this not being absolutely delicious.

AND EVEN BETTERER! While our bar has been making cocktails in delicious fashion since we opened the bar in July, Connor is putting together a special cocktail list for the anniversary, and we’ll be unleashing it to you on Friday!

LASTLY, We’ll be putting up a new picture wall full of memories of the trip along the way so you can reminisce about the spaces we used to inhabit, the things we had to do to get here, and the people we did it with. Come spend some time with us next weekend, and bring a friend. It’s going to be a great party and we can’t wait to toast all of you who’ve made it happen!

Remember this?

New Beer: Bag of Hammers IPA

Now on tap for your sunny Sunday! Bag of Hammers is an IPA made with Citra, Galaxy and Vic Secret hops, and British yeast. It’s a mix of east and west coast sensibilities in IPA character. Fermented with estery yeast, but under pressure, to increase mouthfeel and tame ester production. A righteous 5 pounds per barrel were added to the beer, all after the boil, and none above 180 degrees, to tame the bitterness. A heavy dose of dry hops give the beer a strong aroma, and it’s a perfect spring day-drinking IPA at 6.0%.


Beer Release: Altbier

German beer is famous for being well defined. One can argue about the purpose of the Reinheitsgebot, but the fact is, it exists. On top of that, each region has some convention or legal definition of how the beer must be made. There are great reasons for this, and the best reason is because these beers are delicious and need no amendments. One of our all time favorites is Altbier, the way beer was made in some regions prior to the adoption of lager yeast. A cool fermented ale, it’s fruitier than a Vienna Lager, and slightly hoppier as well. The heavy handed use of Munich malts define the grain character, which is rich and aromatic, but dry, clean finishing, and oddly refreshing. A moderate dose of Saaz hops keeps is pleasantly bitter, and at 4.9%, you can pretty much drink it for hydration. One of our favorite things is pouring this beer for our German regulars, particularly those from Düsseldorf. Hearing a German accent sing the praises of our Altbier is the highest compliment, so if anyone crosses paths with Axel, please let him know it’s on tap again.


New Beer: Kölsch

Just in time for your Friday night revelry, we’re putting our Kölsch on tap! A silver medal winning beer at WA Beer Awards, our Kölsch is soft and easy going. Brewed using nothing but German Pilsner and wheat malt, German hops and German ale yeast, we take an entirely traditional approach to brewing Köln’s regional style. With it’s mellow hop profile and soft, grainy sweetness, this 5.4% beer won’t overstay it’s welcome. Come by this weekend and enjoy a few of these by the fire, warm your bones and enjoy a sandwich. With any luck, you may even enjoy a little snowfall on Sunday to go with the Winter Olympics on the TV!


Two New Beers: Old Money & Super Blue Blood

Now on tap:

Old Money is a 100% brettanomyces pale ale. When used to condition a beer that has already undergone fermentation, brett makes a beer quite funky, with aromatics reminiscent of goats and leather. If used for the initial ferment, it behaves much more like saccharomyces, the type of yeast used to make most beers. Old Money puts this on display. Fermented in oak and aged for 2 months, it has subtle brett aromatics, and a tart, fruity palate. moderate hopping gives it a pleasing, bitter finish. 6.8%


Super Blue Blood was brewed as the eclipse of it’s namesake was finishing up. It can best be described as a Super Berliner Weisse, with blueberry and pomegranate used in fermentation for complexity. Primarily, it is sour and refreshing, but smooth, with lots of malted and flaked wheat for body. Visually, it is cloudy, pink, and sports fantastic head retention for a sour. 6.3%


More medals for our beers! Also, Super Bowl!

First, we’ll have the Super Bowl on the screen tomorrow for you to yell at while you drink beer and eat sandwiches. The sound will be on, so come with your friends for the final game of the season.

That said, the more important news is that we’re super honored to have taken home bronze medals for both Apostle (Brett Beer category), and Time Crystals #2 (Mixed Culture Brett Beer category) at the Best of Craft Beer Awards down in Bend, OR this week. Coupled with Time Crystals #1, which got bronze at WA Beer Awards last year, all 3 of our bottled beers for sale right now are medal winners. All 3 are for sale at the pub only.


Beer Release: Big Button Triple IPA

We have the biggest button. It has all the hops, the most Galaxy, Ekuanot and Simcoe ever. It’s the best beer ever, best in the histry of the world. Billions and billions of IBUs. So great, so popular. It has 10 percents of alcohol, all the percents. Get it or it’ll get you. All the other buttons can’t touch it. SAD!!


Now Delivering Food! Also, New Beer!

If you just can’t get off the couch, but find yourself craving our sandwiches, you can now get Standard sandwiches delivered through Caviar! Check us out here, and consider us for your next movie night or office party.

We here at Standard typically live and die by dry, light bodied, chuggable beers. However, sometimes at the end of a long, cold day you just need a stiff, rich, boozy drink. Fabulator is here to tend to this need. On the stronger side of German brewing, dopplebock was a style created to sustain during times of fasting, if you can believe it.  A richer beer with “fortifying” ingredients, it was perfected in German monasteries as an accompaniment to reflective times, like Lent, before it became a commercial product. Since we here in Seattle do a lot of reflecting in these cold, dark months, we offer up to you ours, which in turn will keep you warm, tell you fables and help you think about how you don’t care how wet it is outside.


Celebrate the New Year with us!

It’s been a helluva year for everyone. Even outside of all of the political upheaval and musician deaths, it still felt like there were momentous changes happening everywhere. Our neighborhood continues to undergo constant evolution, with a lot of new neighbors. We welcomed Broadcast Coffee and Woodshop BBQ to the block, and we finally finished the bar. It’s time to celebrate the end of the year, and whatever that means to you and yours. Come on down tomorrow night and bring your excitement and hopes for the new year. Let’s celebrate one of the most fundamental holidays together, another orbit around the sun. We will be open from noon until the party dies down well after midnight some time. We have stocked up on champagne and champagne flutes. Let’s put our hearts and livers to the task of willing the best 2018 we can into existence. Cheers, everybody!

Christmas Specials and Another New Beer!

We are going to be open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, folks, and we hope you can join us for some special food offerings, perhaps some eggnog, and a really exciting tap list. Here’s what we’ve got for you over the holidays …

CHRISTMAS EVE: 12pm till 8pm – There will be general reverie and it appears there may even be a dusting of snow on the ground, so Connor’s eggnog may be a good choice, followed by a warming glass of Death Knell and some fine whiskey.

CHRISTMAS DAY: 6pm till 12am – After a long day of Christmasing, and with possibly even more snow, come enjoy a special food menu designed for grazing in that lazy holiday sort of way. David will be in the kitchen making the following: cheez balls (rolled in walnuts), smoked oysters, deviled eggs, crackers, ham salad toast, cucumber finger sandwiches, and pickled herring. Come finish off the holiday with a broad smattering of good things to eat and drink!

NEW YEAR’S EVE: 12pm till late – Join us to ring in the new year! There will be lots of beer, champagne, and champagne-like beers flowing till the party dies down after midnight. We hope you can be there for a great little party full of hopes for a great 2018!

January 1st: Closed

January 2nd: Closed


Now, it feels like an afterthought, following all of that info up there, but the truth is that there is nothing about the release of Animas Forks that should be overlooked. We are excited to offer you this delicious rustic ale, a tart, fruity beer full of brett aromatics on the nose. We blended a fairly young biere de garde stock with a mixed culture sour beer, all fermented and aged in oak. The result is 7.6%, and it’s a great beer for the middle of winter, the darkest of days, and hiding out in a bar pretending like it doesn’t bother you.


Two New Beers: Bob’s Your Uncle and Fanboi Extra Pale!

First of all, you need to know that we’ll be open on Christmas Eve (Noon-8pm), Christmas Day (6pm to midnight), and New Year’s Eve (noon till late)! We are tapping two new beers today to fuel your holiday weekend, an old favorite and a brand new recipe.

Bob’s Your Uncle is our British Mild, full of toasty, grainy notes on the palate, and light on the hops. It’s engineered for drinking in multiples at 4.6%. It starts a touch sweet and finishes dry so you’ll keep coming back for more. Come be British with us for your Christmas times.


Fanboi Extra Pale is ready for your blind, hopeless devotion, with it’s deep haze and ultra late-hopping. It sports the latest in culty British yeasts, and looks good with your #doyouevenhazebro hashtag. We even fermented under pressure to induce high glycerol content, hopped it during fermentation with Galaxy, Chelan and Simcoe hops, targeted terpenoid biotransformations, and stuffed it with flaked barley and oats for cred in all the latest beer categories that matter. Come drink it and blow up your Instagram feed with tags like #milkshake, #orangejuiceorbeer and #hazedandconfused. Everyone will be amazed that you found the latest up and coming brewery!


Beer Release: Soul Caliber

Like losing all the daylight hours of a rainy day to a dumb video game while never getting out of your PJs, our newest beer brings a special sort of comfort in winter. Soul Caliber is a Baltic Porter, rich, round and bold. It’s 8.1%, loaded with chocolate and light roast, and warming to your core. Unlike Midnight Climax, it doesn’t exhibit smokiness, but sits more like a traditional Baltic Porter as a halfway point between robust British Porters and Russian Imperial Stouts. It starts bold and a touch sweet, but cleans up on the finish to show off its complexity. Come get one and watch the Seahawks do battle with the Rams in a game with huge playoff implications. Game time is at 1pm!