At last, we are serving food and liquor!

We are extremely jazzed to tell you all that we are finally through the last hurdle of this process, and Standard now serves food and liquor alongside delicious beer! Thank you to everyone that has patiently endured the changes. At times it has felt like the marathon would never end, but slow and steady got us there.

First, a big formal welcome to the newest members of our team, the juggernaut duo of food skills known as “Samwitz”, David Gurewitz and Sami Furnas! We couldn’t be more excited to have their combined expertise in our kitchen. The Central District has some pretty amazing food to offer, and it would be a terrible idea to try and compete within the style of all the great BBQ, pizza, poke, burgers and injera. We wanted to make something simple and delicious, priced moderately and at least halfway healthy. Paired with beer, the answer was clearly sandwiches. Samwitz was an obvious fit.  If you need convincing, here’s a picture of them and a little background:


Chef David’s impressive resume includes time spent in the kitchens of Little Uncle, and Blackbird (Chicago), as Sous Chef at Lark and Spinasse, and Chef at Mamnoon and California (the restaurant in Hong Kong, not the state). He’s spent time in James Beard award winning kitchens, and he loves crosswords and cats.

Sous Chef Sami brings skills from Slab and Little Uncle, as well as some gyro slingin’ street food joints in her home state of Iowa. We’ve found that her sense of humor is universally appreciated, and we hear she’s a champion tap-dancer, though this hasn’t yet been observed.

We are also thrilled to have you all finally get a chance to tap the encyclopedic knowledge of booze in Connor’s brain in the presence of actual booze, and have Scott and Krista pour you something stiffer than a beer this weekend. We’ve curated a smart and thoughtful collection of liquor and wine that mirrors our preferences for smart, well made beverages. Please come join us this Labor Day weekend and try our new offerings. Standard Public House is finally a complete thought. Here’s the menu: