Beer Release: Edith

Our tart, mixed culture saison, named Edith just hit the taps. This new batch was fermented in oak with our house saison culture. It’s delicious and complex, super dry and thirst quenching. Come and get it! Our doors have been open since noon today, and Krista can’t wait to pour you some.


Beer Release: Kids These Days

Hoppy pale ale? Session IPA? Kids These Days is as confusing as the next generation after you. Chelan and Mosaic give it a resinous, fruity hop profile, and it stands real tall at 5.3%. Flaked barley and oats give this beer a creaminess, while melanoidin malt give it complexity. It’s hoppy enough to be an IPA, but some would argue it’s too soft. You come decide.

Don’t forget our new hours …

Monday – Thursday / 3pm-10pm

Friday – Sunday /12pm-10pm

Finally, it’s done!

The new Standard bar is open! It feels like, after 4 years of near constant growth, we are finally opening the business as it should have been all along. When the decision was made to stay in our current space, the calculation included the build out of a bar in the Jackson St side of our building. The plan all along was to incorporate food and liquor into our offerings and make a neighborhood bar that compliments the Standard Brewing ethos: simple, thoughtful, and done the hard way. Well, starting today at noon, this space is open to the public and we couldn’t be more proud. We are even releasing our reserve back stock of Skid Road, our bourbon strong ale, to celebrate the occasion. It just won silver at WA Beer Awards, so come grab a bottle and toast with us!

Food isn’t available yet. We are doing R&D, and we should have the kitchen open in about a month. We will bring liquor into the picture soon after that, though we are in a very long line with the Liquor Control Board. For now, the new space is open, it’s beautiful and full of beer, and we really want to show it to you.

All of this means some important changes! First of all, the entrance is now on Jackson St., and we don’t have a sign installed yet. Our new hours are Monday – Thursday, 3pm to 10pm and Friday – Sunday, noon to 10pm. We will be open even later once liquor becomes a part of it, and we look forward to bringing a later evening to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, with food comes a health board requirement that we don’t allow dogs, and we are no longer allowing children, due to the incorporation of liquor.

We understand that this is going to cause some disappointment in some people, but we hope that it comes out a net positive as we present the final leg of our expansion to the neighborhood. Here are some photos to get you excited. Come on down today and check it out!


Beer Release: Poly Rythmo, 3 Day Closure!

First things first: we just dropped Poly Rythmo on the taps. It’s a 5.6% tart red ale that was refermented on blackberries and aged on brettanomyces in oak for 6 months. It has mild acidity … not so much a sour, but refreshingly tangy. The blackberry fruitiness is balanced with moderate brett funk, which is assertive on the nose. It finishes clean and light, but with deep complexity.

Secondly, we will be closed from July 4th through 6th for vacation times. We’ll be back open on Friday, July 7th to resume the partying. Please keep this in mind, and get those growlers filled for your holiday party by Monday night! Enjoy the holiday and see you all on Friday!

Mister Fan is back, releasing Tan Lines and Do It Live! IPA

I know it’s brutally hot this weekend for most Seattleites, but let’s all take a second and remember January, shall we? And also …

We are also releasing old favorite Tan Lines, and a new IPA called Do It Live! IPA. Tan Lines is always a little different, but the basics are that it’s brewed with Kolsch yeast, pilsner and wheat malts, and hops from the Southern hemisphere. This time we used mostly Ella, and a little Equanot and Simcoe. It’s 5.2%, and a real easy drinker.

Do It Live! IPA is a big, opinionated IPA and it doesn’t care what you have to say. When there’s no words there, and the f@^&ing thing sucks, and you can’t figure out what “to play us out” means, just drink an 8.2% IPA with Simcoe, Amarillo, Equanot and Mosaic hops. Your blood pressure will drop before you make an asshat of yourself.

Two new beers: MK Ultra and Body Massage!

We made you guys a chugger of a sour beer. MK Ultra is slightly hoppy, and was heavily dosed with black currant puree, then soured to a saliva gland squeezing 3.2 pH. It’s a fantastic summer thirst quencher at 3.9% ABV. Also, it’s so stinkin’ pink you’ll think someone slipped you a mickey!

Who wants a Body Massage? It’s low alcohol season for dark beers, and this little nitro stout is bone dry and soooo, so creamy. It’s a body massage machine, GO! 4.0%

Double Beer Release: Edith and Midnight Climax

Two new beers for you to end the week with: a mixed culture Saison, and a Baltic Porter.

Edith, once the name given to our single strain, clean Saison, is now a mixed culture, oak  fermented, tart Saison. We’re excited to bring this one out to you guys. At 5.8%, this thirst quencher is all citrus and pepper, with a little bit of funk with the dry finish.

Midnight Climax is a Baltic Porter, lager fermented, full of chocolate and smoke, rich and full bodied, with a clean finish. It’s 6.8% and on tap now. Below are their school portraits. If you can’t tell them apart, you shouldn’t be drinking any more.


Beer Release: Disco Inferno

It was truly a rough winter in Seattle. The wettest October through April in city history has doused the flame in every soul that populates this town, but Northwestern folk are resilient. Beer and coffee keep us alive through the good times and bad. The sun burneth again, betwixt the cumulonimbus and stratonimbus, and what rain may fall doth not hamper the dreams of a true Seattleite. Rise and party on, Wayne!

For thee, a beer fit for the occasion … enter, Disco Inferno.

Laid down with brettanomyces on blackberries in oak for 10 months while this beer developed a subtle funk and deep red hues, we then added even more blackberries to finish the job. Tart, complex and dry, this sour is a great reminder that summer is on it’s way, and we want you to come and enjoy it with hope in your heart.

Beer Release: Mosaic Extra Pale

We love Mosaic hops here at Standard. They have a ton of papaya/tropical notes and a unique vibe that you can’t find with other hops. We got our hands on some lupulin powder to up the fruit component without adding bitterness, gave it a pilsner and wheat backbone, and loaded it with tons of Mosaic hops and lupulin to keep this pale ale soft, but intensely hoppy. Mosaic Extra Pale is 6.8% and on tap now!

Beer Release: Ride the Lightning IPA

Don’t miss Ride the Lightning. We gone and made a monster. It seemed like a good idea to make a dry, fruity IPA and referment it during the dry hop with pineapple puree to make an 8.8% hazy face-slap of an IPA. It’s incredibly delicious, that’s not the problem. Well, that’s the problem, actually. Can’t stop drinking it. Can’t stop riding the lightning …


Beer Release: Fantastic Man

Look, guys. I know it’s pretty blustery out there tonight, but it’s National Beer Day, it’s Friday, and we have a Schwarzbier on tap. Let the week drain away after a couple of our latest release, Fantastic Man. It’s 5.3%, and full of toasty, chocolatey grain notes with a very clean, lager fermentation profile. It’s just too easy to knock back, and should be consumed liberally. Come and get it.


Beer Release: Stone Cold

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and we have a great beer for it. Just hitting the taps is Stone Cold, a 6.6% hoppy lager. Made primarily with Citra and Amarillo, but supported by a broad spectrum of background hops, this guy is a super clean finishing and light bodied chugger. Come watch the March Madness finals with us and enjoy some perfect weather for a change.

Beer Release: Wiretapp IPA

Thiss beerr iss soo goodd. Wiretapp IPAA iss madde withh Columbuss, Mosaicc, Simccoe, Kohattu and Calientte hopss, palle maltt, flakedd barleyy and flaked oatss, andd 6.5%%. Veryy loww bitternness andd alll thhe hopss.

Come on down and watch some March Madness with us and drink all the beer!

Beer Release: Deep State IPA

As if you needed another reason to come down to Standard today, you can add Deep State IPA to sunshine, Brett Flavre, Kid Gloves, March Madness, a Sounders home opener and more sunshine as motivation to pay us a visit today. We fermented a medium bodied IPA with loads of Azacca, Mosaic and Simcoe hops and two strains of yeast for a super fruity haze-bomb of a beer. It’s 7.5% and too good to miss.


Beer Release: Kid Gloves

Sometimes you just gotta make a beer that’s really easy to drink. Our little window of good weather is beckoning you to cruise over to Standard and knock back a few pints of Kid Gloves. We made this beer for spring weather and easy drinking around a BBQ. Kid Gloves is a heavily wheated 5.2% beer with lots of Huell Melon hops, then back blended with guava puree for a severely crushable beer. Come and get some patio sun and fruit beer.

Beer Release: Brett Flavre

One of the best things about the versatility offered by our barrel room is the ability to split up batches and do smaller barrel fermentations with batches we’d otherwise just run full size in stainless fermenters. The most recent success using this method gets the super awesome name of Brett Flavre (pronounced like this guy). We split the batch that became Crop Circles Pale Ale, and fermented half of it in oak with brettanomyces lambicus, and the result is a delicious middle ground between new world hops and old world pale ales. It’s 6.2%, peppery and dry, but fruity, with a distinctively lambic finish. Come check it out!

Beer Release: Shoegaze IPA

What goes better with unending winter? Loud, droney rock and hoppy beer seems to work for us. We’re releasing a fruit bomb of an IPA to distract you from the gloom. Shoegaze IPA is based on our beloved West Coast IPA, but heavily dry hopped with Vic Secret and Comet hops for an extra fruity and tropical beer. It’s 7.2% and on tap now!

Beer Release: Small Hands Lager

The week has come and gone, and we know you need a beer. Standard has your fix, with our newest release, Small Hands Lager. Unfiltered, soft and grainy, clean and slightly floral, this guy is a daily fortifier built for coming down off of Friday. It’s on tap now, and the doors are open, so come fill up and celebrate a sunny start to the weekend.

Double Beer Release: Voodoo Funk #2 and Crop Circles

We heard a lot of moaning when Voodoo Funk #1 kicked the can. For those of you that felt that pain, you’re in luck. A mixed culture sour, Voodoo Funk #2 puts out notes of sour candy and cellar funk. It’s medium bodied and fruity with a long finish. 5.5%, and so, so good.

We’re also swinging back to the hops for a second, with another delicious, hazy pale ale. Crop Circles Extra Pale is hop-bursted and backloaded with tons of Simcoe and Azacca hops, for an excess of pine and grapefruit notes, and 6.1% ABV.

Come and be merry.

Beer Release: Old Shuck

Happy Friday everyone! Just in time for your weekend, we’re releasing a doozy of a beer. We laid some stout stock down on cherries and aged it in oak for a total of 4 months before blending it into a rich, delectable, 9.4% tart stout. It’s an unusual style, and it’s on tap now, so come and get it!