Standard Brewing

We are open on the 4th of July!

Totally forgot to mention this. Normal hours, from 4 to 8 pm. Come fill up your growlers for your sunny holiday barbecue.

On tap this week: A Belgian beer for an American holiday

The first in a series of limited summer releases is finally ready! Standard Brewing Saison is on tap and ready to pour. Using the Dupont strain of yeast, our Saison comes in at 7%, is 100% pilsner malt, and uses grapefruit peel, as well as Mt Hood hops in the boil to bring it to 35 IBUs. It is then finished with an easy dose of an experimental hop known as EXP 1210 for a refreshing, hot weather beer. It will likely be the only batch I make for a while, so get it while you can. Available only for on premise consumption, it will not be sold in growlers. If you aren’t familiar with Saisons, you should know that they were usually brewed by farmers in Belgium as a method of payment to their permanent employees in the summer months. While serving Belgian beer for the 4th of July might seem sacrilegious, I feel like a beer intended as a form of payment seems somehow an apt appropriation for an American holiday, particularly if you share an affinity for the proletariat.


We couldn’t be more well stocked on the usual suspects, and Tepache will make a reappearance some time next week. Also, look for another summery limited release next week, and a new form of Standard Brewing merchandise in the not-so-distant future.

On tap this week:

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? By the end of the week, it’s gonna be pushing past 80 degrees. This should make you think about drinking beer at your friendly neighborhood hole-in-the-wall brewery. Here’s what we’re pushin’ this week:

Pale: plenty of it. West Coast IPA: 2 fresh batches – no more running out, people. Rye IPA: 1 gallon left at the moment. More by Saturday, hopefully. CDA: loads. Wheated Red: plenty of it. Bee’s Wine: plenty of it.

Saison: still putzing along. It will be ready by next Wednesday. Tepache: New juicer showed up today, so I’ll be brewing it tomorrow.

Come and get it!

On tap this week:

Nothing too crazy this week at Standard Brewing, but here’s the state of things, anyway:

The Tepache is gone for now, and I broke my juicer this week, so the next batch will be on hold until it’s replaced. My new brawny commercial juicer should be here by the end of the week, and I’ll get a big batch going then. Look for more traditional Mexican pineapple beer in about 2 weeks.

The Saison is crawling along. I’m pulling out every trick in the book trying to get the bastard to finish up the ferment, but Wyeast #3724′s genetic makeup just refuses to be trifled with. She moves like a 90 year old on Sunday. The good thing is, the end result is much more appealing than said 90 year old.

Otherwise, the Wheated Red is back, and I’ve got plenty of Pale, Rye IPA, CDA, and Bee’s Wine. West Coast IPA will likely run out this week at some point, but I double batched it this week, so come this time next week, I challenge you all to drain my supplies.

On tap this week: Tepache

Hey folks –

I’ll be tossing fresh batches of the Pale, Rye IPA and West Coast IPA into kegs today and tomorrow. The West Coast is out for the moment, but will be back on tap tomorrow. There is plenty of Bee’s Wine and CDA.

The Wheated Red Ale may run out this week briefly, but should be on till tomorrow. As always, once a beer gets down to the last half keg or so, it’s pints only, so I may not be able to fill growlers with it tomorrow. There will be more Wheated Red next week.

The Saison did what I was foolishly hoping it wouldn’t, and stalled halfway through fermentation. This is a trait of the strain I’m using (which is also used by Dupont). It’s annoying, but it comes with the territory of this otherwise amazing strain. On the positive side of things, it is tasting delicious. With 100% pilsner malt, Mt Hood boil and Centennial finishing hops, as well as grapefruit peel, it will be very refreshing. We just need a little more time. Stay tuned.

Lastly, come and try your new favorite low alcohol, probiotic beverage. Tepache is a sort of pineapple beer. A favorite in Sonoran Mexico, it is often fermented wild, using spices, sugar and cubed pineapple. I respect wild fermentation, but I prefer the complexity (and repeatability) of a version made with Water Kefir, a symbiotic culture of microbes (various strains of bacteria and yeast). Water Kefir bears a few things in common with the Ginger Beer Plant, the culture used to make our Bee’s Wine, but sours less and seems to produce more alcohol (soon to be tested). Our estimate puts this Tepache at about 3%, and it is made with brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, and pineapple. We are serving it by pint and taster only, because there is only 5 gallons of it. Come and get it before it’s gone! More in a couple weeks.

Voting is American! Vote for us!

Hey folks –

King 5’s Evening Magazine is doing a little contest, pitting all of us brewers against each other in a battle to the death. They are dying to know who the best brewery in Seattle is. If you’ve got ten seconds to spare, I’d love your vote! Let’s see if we can put a 2 and a half month old, pint sized brewery somewhere toward the top of the list. Vote here.

Standard Brewing for president!

We’re a Small-Ass Bar!

Thanks to Thrillest for the mention in your Small-Ass Bars of America article.


Pssst … we actually have 8 five gallon kegs under the “cash register”, but who’s counting?

On tap this week: Wheated Red Ale and Hopscotching

Good and faithful beer drinkers –

The Wheated Red Ale is making a return to the taps tomorrow (Thursday), as is a new batch of the West Coast IPA (which could run out for a brief moment tonight). I’ve been fine tuning my Saison recipe while watching the weather forecast. I’m seeing a lot of yellow on blue in our near future, and so I’m thinking it’s about time to squeeze a batch into production. Keep your eyes peeled for some light refreshing farmhouse ale!

Saturday is the soon-to-be-world-famous CD Hopscotch, and we’ll be opening up early for it. If you haven’t heard, Jackson Commons has organized what is sure to be a great community event – 1.8 miles of hopscotch through the Central District, bringing together what seems like a vast majority of CD businesses and neighbors. The course opens at 9:00am, and the start point is at the Seattle Girls School just up Jackson. There will be a world record attempt for the most people hopscotching at once around noon. 12:00-1:00 sign up, 1:00-1:30 go time. Standard Brewing will have special hours, from noon till 8:00, and we’ll be celebrating all of this awesomeness with $1 off pints from noon till 6:00, when the course wraps up. My recommendation is that you come toss back a pint in preparation of your romp through the neighborhood. Then when you meet a bunch of new friends, bring them back to the brewery and celebrate your entry into the world record books over a second, third, and fourth round. Follow this link for a comprehensive map of the event, and we’ll see you there!

On tap this week: Printed Pints!

Hey everyone –

For those of you that missed the Wheated Red, I just brewed another batch. It should be ready in a couple weeks. The taps are pretty well backed up with the usual suspects, and this week’s news is more about what to put your beer in, than the beer itself! Enter Standard Brewing printed pint glasses:

SB Pint and Growler

They look so good next to your Standard Brewing growler filled with Standard Brewing beer! To help enable your complete Standard Brewing branding package, we’re giving away a free pint to the first 10 people that come drink a beer at the brewery today! Come and get it.

On tap this week:

Howdy folks –

A quick reminder that, while Laura will be holding down the tasting room at Standard, I’ll be over at the Bottleneck Lounge from 6-8 tomorrow (Thursday, May 16th), spreading some good cheer. There will be a raffle, and some Standard Brewing schwag going out to a few lucky ducks. The CDA and Rye IPA will be on tap until it is not.

As for the beer we’ll be pouring back at the brewery, we’ve still got the Imperial IPA, CDA, Rye IPA, Pale, and Bee’s Wine. I’ve kegged up a fresh batch of CDA today, so there won’t be any issues running out this week. If the Rye runs out, it will likely be back on either Thursday or Friday. Friday will also be the day that the West Coast IPA makes a return, so come and git it. The weather looks like it’ll hold out during open hours this week, so expect patio furniture with your frothy brew.

Seattle Beer Week is upon us

and Standard Brewing is teaming up with the Bottleneck Lounge next week on Thursday, May 16th, from 6-8pm. On tap at the bar will be the CDA, and the Rye IPA. Laura will be running the taps back at Standard so I can step away and hang out for the event. I hope to see everyone there! You may even find yourself in a growler giveaway

On tap this week:

Some of you may have noticed late in the week that your only options at Standard were to have a 2% ginger beer, or one of two beers that clocked in at 9% or greater. What we all just went through was the fallout from the expansion of the tasting room. 2 weeks ago I made the decision to stop brewing for a couple days to increase the space. As a result, we just hit a little dry spell. Fortunately, it was really just Saturday night, and I’m kegging up more Rye IPA and Pale Ale tomorrow, so you’ll have some refreshing options alongside the knockout punches of the Imperial IPA and CDA. All 5 fermentors are full of frothing wort, and I should be ahead of production shortly. Come early Wednesday any time after 4 and enjoy the glorious sun staking out a claim on the patio!

On tap this week:

Howdy folks – turns out the tasting room expansion was a good idea. I only had spill over once last week. But forget about the indoors, with nothing but sunny weather predicted for the rest of the week, I’m looking forward to making the most of the patio. As far as the taps are concerned, I’ll have the CDA, Pale, Rye IPA, and Bee’s Wine upon opening, with the new Imperial IPA going on line Friday. Also, as soon as the previous batch of CDA runs dry, I’ll be moving on to the new iteration of it, which is 9.5%. It is big, and it is righteous. See you all soon.

On tap this week, and more taproom space!

Running a little slow on the post this week. I’ve spent the last few days building an extension on the bar, moving the serving area, and generally wrapping up improvements that should solve the space and output problems. As such, I lost a few days to projects that needed to happen, rather than brewing. If I get a little slim on product shortly, this is why.

The good news is that the 5th fermenter is up and running, and there’s about 75% more space in the tap room, now. I’m kegging up more Rye and Pale today, and the keezer is still rockin’ the West Coast IPA, CDA, and Bee’s Wine. Come get yourself some beer and soak up a few rays on the patio!

In defense of supporting the little guy

I try to keep my political opinions detached from business, but sometimes things have to be dealt with when they threaten the existence of said business. If you haven’t heard, the big beer news over the last few weeks is that Gov. Inslee is proposing the extension of a temporary tax on brewers, and the removal of a small brewer exemption, which helps enable small craft brewing in Washington state. I won’t go too deep into the details because they’ve been written about eloquently over here, here, and here. If you’re interested in getting some perspective on the original tax proposal, rewind to 2010. You will note that the original tax was almost a tripling of the tax rate at that time, that the 2010 tax brought us into the top handful of states with the highest beer tax. The author of the article was correct to comment “yeah, right” in response to the notion that it would be temporary.

Small brewers operate on a very different scale than big brewers do. There is a reason why you pay a little more for beer produced on a small scale. When you spread out your fixed expenses (rent, utilities, etc…) over every pint you produce, they skyrocket as you scale down to the tiny brewery. Ingredients cost a lot more when you buy by the lb, rather than the ton. In addition, the amount of labor a tiny brewery has to put out goes through the roof. These things cannot be avoided, but they can be mitigated by a government that cares about growing industries and supporting homegrown entrepreneurs. I can’t speak for other brewery owners, but my goals aren’t to be working 70-80 hrs a week forever. If I can’t afford to hire help, if I have to raise prices and lose customers, I won’t be capable to investing in equipment and production that then allows more jobs, more sales, more taxes paid.

Seattle’s tiny brewery list isn’t all that small: Peddler’s, Populuxe, Epic Ales, Machine House, NW Peaks, Reuben’s Brews, Foggy Noggin, Spinnaker Bay (soon), and a few others that are slipping my mind. Nevertheless, how much revenue does the state stand to raise with this blunt tool? I can’t imagine it would be enough to justify destroying a fledgling corner of an industry that Washington state excels at. Where Inslee’s beer tax doesn’t destroy, it will injure tiny breweries enough to kill our dreams of growing. I certainly don’t want to be fighting against funding education, which is where the money is slated to go. I am not particularly anti-tax in general. I want to put in a share to support things that we all want for our society, but I think we should be able to demand a little more precision in how we apply these taxes.

Right now, there is a rally in Olympia. I really wish I could be there, but I have to go open the tap room, breed yeast, keg a batch, clean, do paperwork. Please get involved if you can. If you can’t, please come down tonight and drink some hand made beer made down the street. I’m there from 4-8pm Wednesday through Saturday.

On tap this week:

I just kegged up another batch of the CDA, and I gotta say, this recipe is dialed in. Come and get it! I also have a few kegs of the Pale, Rye IPA, and Bee’s Wine still going from last week. For those of you disappointed that I ran out of West Coast IPA on Saturday, I just stumbled across an overlooked keg in the walk in.

On tap this week:

I just kegged up another batch of the Pale and IPA, and the Rye IPA will be back on by Friday. I still have the Session Pale, and a couple pints each of the Wheated Red Ale and the CDA, and plenty of Bee’s Wine ginger beer.

So there you have it. The week was productive, and I’m getting closer to catching up. Putting together another fermentation chamber has taken up some brew time, but by the end of the week, my capacity should be up about 25%. I plan to run brew days before serving Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Friday, so if my sentences aren’t forming properly, it’s all for the good of the beer.