Autumn Pale is On! Watch the Seahawks with us.

We just tapped our second batch, an Autumn Pale. It’s quite dry and hoppy, and somewhat of a session IPA, at 5.5%. It features Mosaic and Cascade hops, and it goes great with a sunny, crisp fall day like today. Come drink it on the patio, or watch the Seahawks in a couple minutes with us. Game time is 5:20, and here’s the tap list:

  1. Golden Ale (Machine House)
  2. Om (Holy Mountain)
  3. Autumn Pale
  4. Centennial Fresh Hop (Reuben’s Brews)
  5. Saison Dolores (Almanac)
  6. Double IPA (Stoup)
  7. Profanity Hill Porter (Schooner Exact)
  8. Li’l Brown Beer
  9. Eddie IPL (Georgetown)
  10. Top Cutter IPA (Bale Breaker)
  11. American Brown Ale (Reuben’s Brews)
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer