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Animas Forks

Animus Forks is a blend of mixed oak fermentations up to 4 months old, highlighting multiple Belgian strains of yeast and 3 strains of brettanomyces. The result is a rustic ale that is moderately hopped, with tart, juicy acidity, and prominent brett aromatics.

Fanboi Extra Pale

Fanboi Extra Pale is ready for your blind, hopeless devotion, with it’s deep haze and ultra late-hopping. It sports the latest in culty British yeasts, and looks good with your #doyouevenhazebro hashtag. We even fermented under pressure to induce high glycerol content, hopped it during fermentation with Galaxy, Chelan and Simcoe hops, targeted terpenoid biotransformations, and stuffed it with flaked barley and oats for cred in all the latest beer categories that matter. Come drink it and blow up your Instagram feed with tags like #milkshake, #orangejuiceorbeer and #hazedandconfused. Everyone will be amazed that you found the latest up and coming brewery!

Soul Caliber

Baltic Porter. A big, round boozy chocolate bomb with gentle roastiness. It starts a touch sweet, but cleans up on the finish enough to show off it’s complexity. A delight on a rainy day.

Death Knell

Imperial stout aged in Rittenhouse bourbon barrels. Notes of vanilla and coconut sit on top of a rich cocoa powder and roasted graininess. A warming dram for cold days.

Ballard Camo IPA

A bold, aromatic IPA using pale malt with oats and wheat to provide body. Loads of perennial favorites Simcoe and Centennial meet the dankness of Columbus and Apollo in a beer that would fit in on Market St in a plaid shirt. Floral notes ride atop waves of pine resin and marijuana stink.


A schwarzbier, roasty and dark in color, but round, easy drinking, and clean finishing. Very thirst quenching, but not lacking in grain complexity.

Crate Digger IPA

A crowd favorite around the brewery, this light and dry IPA is made with heaps of Galaxy and Mosaic hops and boasts huge orange peel and grapefruit flavors with hints of tropical fruit.


A layered, malt driven, dry pale ale with prominent fermentation character. Moderate hopping rate controls the souring effect of bacteria during cellaring, and brettanomyces dries out the beer and introduces a rustic, enticing aroma to the beer’s bouquet.

Bob’s Your Uncle

Mild Ale is the original session beer. Low in hop flavor, alcohol and light in body, it derives all of it’s complexity from a balance of malt richness and yeast fruitiness. If you think beer has to have deep haze, heavy-handed hops, or long age in a barrel to be delicious, think again. It’s 4.8%, old world, perfect for a heat wave and Bob’s Your Uncle!

Stone Cold

An IPA fermented with lager yeast. Made primarily with Hallertau Blanc and Columbus hops, this guy is a super clean finishing and light bodied chugger. Subtle white wine notes influence an otherwise resinous, dry beer.

West Coast IPA

Classic, award winning, tropical, fruity, light bodied IPA. Everything we want from a west coast styled IPA.