Kids These Days

Hoppy pale ale? Session IPA? It’s as confusing as the next generation after you. Chelan and Mosaic give it a resinous, fruity hop profile, and it stands real tall at 5.3%. Flaked barley and oats give this beer a creaminess, while melanoidin malt give it complexity.

Poly Rythmo

A tart red ale refermented on blackberries and aged on brett in oak for 6 months. Funky and balanced, mild acidity with moderate barnyard aromatics.

Body Massage

Who wants a body massage? It’s low alcohol season for dark beers, and this little nitro stout is bone dry and soooo, so creamy. It’s a body massage machine … go! 4.0%

MK Ultra

We made you guys a chugger of a sour beer. Slightly hoppy, heavily dosed with black currant puree, and soured to a saliva gland squeezing 3.2 pH. It’s a fantastic summer thirst quencher at 3.9% ABV.


Edith (once our single strain Saison) is our tart, mixed culture Saison. Fermented in oak and aged for three months, it’s full of dry, complex citrus and pepper notes, a real thirst quencher, and 6.2%.

Midnight Climax

Baltic Porter differs from other porter styles in that they tend to be higher in alcohol content, often a bit smokey, and often lagered. Midnight Climax is all of these, resulting in a rich, complex, full bodied porter with the clean finish of a lager yeast.

West Coast IPA

Classic, award winning, tropical, fruity, light bodied IPA. Everything we want from a west coast styled IPA.