Edith (once our single strain Saison) is our tart, mixed culture Saison. Fermented in oak and aged for three months, it’s full of dry, complex citrus and pepper notes, a real thirst quencher, and 5.8%.

Midnight Climax

Baltic Porter differs from other porter styles in that they tend to be higher in alcohol content, often a bit smokey, and often lagered. Midnight Climax is all of these, resulting in a rich, complex, full bodied porter with the clean finish of a lager yeast.

Disco Inferno

Laid down with brettanomyces on blackberries in oak for 10 months, this beer developed a subtle funk and deep red hues before we added even more blackberries to finish the job. Tart, complex and dry, this sour is a great reminder that summer is on it’s way.

Ride the Lightning IPA

We turned up the tropical by refermenting a big, late hopped IPA with pineapple during the dry hop phase, creating an intense, dry, boozy and tropical IPA.

Fantastic Man

Chocolate and toast meet clean lagering finish for a creamy, easy drinking Schwarzbier.

Stone Cold

A 6.6% hoppy lager. Made primarily with Citra and Amarillo, but supported by a broad spectrum of background hops, this guy is a super clean finishing and light bodied chugger. Peaches, citrus and pine.

Kid Gloves

Fruity and smooth, this beer is made for spring. We added guava puree to a heavily wheated beer hopped with Huell Melon hops to come up with an extremely refreshing beer.

Small Hands

Unfiltered, soft and grainy, clean and slightly floral, this lager is a daily fortifier built for coming down off of Friday.

Draxx Them Sklounst

A triple IPA brewed to draxx you up. 10% ABV, pilsner, maris and wheat malts get hypothetical on your clavicle. Vic Secret, Kohatu, and Mosaic hops are your rainbow connection to notes of pineapple and papaya. If any of them terries come up in here trying some grab-ass and the touchy-feely, we got this on lock. Get your Bergeron.

Mosaic Extra Pale

There aren’t a whole lot of hops that taste delightful on their own, but Mosaic has long been one of our favorites. On its own, it puts off loads of grapefruit and papaya, with uniquely cutting aromatics. We put it all by its lonesome with mostly pilsner and wheat malts, and back loaded it with tons of Mosaic hops, as well as Mosaic lupulin powder for a punchy, fruity and distinctly funky pale with a soft finish.

West Coast IPA

Classic, award winning, tropical, fruity, light bodied IPA. Everything we want from a west coast styled IPA.