Heschen Imperial Stout

Rich, full and dripping with chocolatey fudge character, this stout is rounded by intense, double roasted crystal malt and a healthy dose of flaked oat. Munich, rye and biscuit malts layer complexity beneath a fruity yeast character. The result is nothing but complex waves of silky fudge in beer form.

Mosaic Pale

Pale malt, wheat and crystal malts meet a massive pile of Mosaic hops and lupulin powder for an easy drinking pale ale with no shortage of character. Dry, cloudy and somewhat driven by yeast character, it’s our hoppy session beer of choice right now.

Beer Release: Peak Faze IPA

In honor of the comeback of our favorite free safety, and the near commencing of the Seahawks’ regular season, we give you Peak Faze IPA! The guy who gave Gronk a gronking to remember is back and faster/tougher than ever. As with ET himself, this beer is small for it’s category (6.3%), but it can drill holes in the chest of beers twice its size. Centennial, Simcoe and Mosaic ride on top of pale, wheat and crystal malts with British yeast for a righteous, hazy juiced IPA that finishes bone dry.

MK Delta

Following the tradition of the MK series, MK Delta is soured in the fermenter before being fed yeast and fruit, in this case gooseberry. Grains of pale malt, flaked barley and wheat bring it up to 7.6% abv. It’s loaded with the distinct flavor of gooseberry, which is difficult to describe, but has notes of white grapes, cranberries and wet rose petals.

Tropical Static

Blurring the line between fruit and beer, this little weirdo is hard to categorize. Pale malt, wheat and oats meet guava, blackberry and gooseberry in a fruity fermentation that is finished with a healthy handful of cryogenically isolated hop oils from Mosaic and Simcoe hops. The result is a creamy 7.2% fruit salad of a beer. It’s really cool, weird, and you should come try it.

Bob’s Your Uncle

Mild Ale is the original session beer. Low in hop flavor, alcohol and light in body, it derives all of it’s complexity from a balance of malt richness and yeast fruitiness. If you think beer has to have deep haze, heavy-handed hops, or long age in a barrel to be delicious, think again. It’s 4.8%, old world, perfect for a heat wave and Bob’s Your Uncle!

Gold Teeth

Sour, low alcohol, fruity and lemony, Berliner Weisse is the beer of choice for hot days. At 4.0% ABV, you can almost drink them like water, and the sour twang will keep you refreshed.

Body Massage

Who wants a body massage? It’s low alcohol season for dark beers, and this little nitro stout is bone dry and soooo, so creamy. It’s a body massage machine … go! 4.0%


Edith (once our single strain Saison) is our tart, mixed culture Saison. Fermented in oak and aged for three months, it’s full of dry, complex citrus and pepper notes, a real thirst quencher, and 6.2%.

Brett Flavre

Primary fermented in oak with 100% brettanomyces lambicus, Flavre is a delicious middle ground between new world hops and old world pale ales. Peppery, with a hint of clovey phenol, but fruity, with a dry finish.

West Coast IPA

Classic, award winning, tropical, fruity, light bodied IPA. Everything we want from a west coast styled IPA.