Beer Release: Berliner Weisse!

Howdy folks! We’ve always made an effort to keep a rotating style guide for Standard Brewing beers. Last I checked, we’d done about 160 different unique recipes. From Saisons and other phenolic Belgian styles to stouts and porters, to dry and hoppy beers that are beloved by northwestern palates. One style we’ve never really touched before is sours. We once made a tart ale, but the acidity was subtle and more supportive than featured. For those of you looking for a more puckering type of beer, you’re in luck, because we just released a Berliner Weisse. For you nerds out there, the pH of this beer is about 3.25, enough to squeeze those salivary glands on the first sip. Second and third sips bring on thirst quenching, light bodied 3.5% refreshment. It’s a terrific warm weather beer, so why not run down to the brewery right now for a glass, and say hi to Connor, who’s pouring beers and yucking it up. Check out how pretty it is:


  1. Mosaic Kölsch
  2. Oaked Altbier
  3. Truck Stick, Strong Ale
  4. Schwarzkölsch
  5. Druthers Session IPA
  6. Belgian Black
  7. Berliner Weisse
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Green Mountains IPA
  10. Tan Lines
  11. Snuffleupagus, Imperial Stout on Nitro
  12. Elemental Pomegranate Cider