Beer Release: CDA!

What’s more Cascadian Dark than a double whammy of violent storms in October? We didn’t mean for the weather to line up perfectly with this release, but it just so happens to work out really well. Pairing flawlessly with 60 mph gusts and 5 inches of rain, clogging gutters and wet feet, our award winning Cascadian Dark Ale just hit the taps. I know, I know … you don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch and Netflix account, but this 8.1% ABV gem is worth a stormy adventure. Besides, when you get here, the covered, heated patio will warm your heart almost as much as beertending Connor’s small-talk and cheeky banter. Come laugh at nature’s might with us with one of these in your hand:


  1. Menomena Red Sour`
  2. Altbier
  3. Chooglin’ Oat Pale
  4. Ghost Note Schwarzbier
  5. Dark Helmet Stout
  6. Kölsch
  7. Berliner Weisse
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Norma, dry hopped Saison
  10. Spelt Saison
  11. Cascadian Dark Ale
  12. Elemental Blood Orange Cider