Beer Release: Disco Inferno

It was truly a rough winter in Seattle. The wettest October through April in city history has doused the flame in every soul that populates this town, but Northwestern folk are resilient. Beer and coffee keep us alive through the good times and bad. The sun burneth again, betwixt the cumulonimbus and stratonimbus, and what rain may fall doth not hamper the dreams of a true Seattleite. Rise and party on, Wayne!

For thee, a beer fit for the occasion … enter, Disco Inferno.

Laid down with brettanomyces on blackberries in oak for 10 months while this beer developed a subtle funk and deep red hues, we then added even more blackberries to finish the job. Tart, complex and dry, this sour is a great reminder that summer is on it’s way, and we want you to come and enjoy it with hope in your heart.