Beer Release: Earl, the Bière de Garde

You’d be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous winter day in Seattle than today. The air is crystal clear, the ground washed clean by months of perpetual rain, and they are finally wrapping up construction on the corner of 25th and Jackson, where Standard Brewing has been crowned with orange cones for longer than we can remember. It’s a perfect day to take a walk and drink some beer.

To motivate you, we are releasing one of our favorite brews today, and it’s name is Earl. You may remember this beer from about a year ago, as a rich and complex example of the classic French style, Bière de Garde. Intended to keep and cellar for a period of time before serving, it is typically malty but dry, with prominent yeast character. Ours uses a very unique strain of yeast that is acid producing, and brings a slight funk to the picture. If you like the more fruity and sour side of beer, you will likely enjoy this guy. The rich malt was fermented bone dry and exhibits a red fruit quality alongside tartness and a mild alcoholic heat, at 7.4%. On tap today when the doors open at 4pm.