Beer Release: El Dorado Extra Pale

Hey everyone! We just tapped an extremely seasonable beer, and you should come and get some. El Dorado hops are a delight, with their grapefruity, orange candy vibes, and we did a big pale ale with them. On their own, they tend to almost be sweet, and they benefit from the structure of a more aggressive hop with a little backbone. We added just enough Simcoe to the boil to counter the sweet El Dorado late hopped citrus party, and blended pale, Pilsner, caramel malt and flaked oats for a subtle, light and satiating summer hop nugget. It’s on tap, and the mister fan is blowing heat relief all over the patio. Come and get it!


The taps be all like:

  1. Mosaic Kölsch
  2. Altbier
  3. El Dorado Extra Pale
  4. Schwarzkölsch
  5. Druthers Session IPA
  6. Kölsch
  7. Berliner Weisse
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. President Camacho IPA
  10. Citra Pale
  11. Snuffleupagus, Imperial Stout on Nitro
  12. Elemental Pomegranate Cider