Beer Release: Holy Hand Grenade!

I know that most of you are probably tired of 2016. Leaving politics aside, Bowie, Prince, Sharon, Leonard, Merle, Phife and a few other great musicians all died in this stupid year. Lemmy, due to a lifetime of shamanistic devotion to drinking, saw visions of how crappy this year would be and bailed out days before it started. There’s no doubt you need an explosive device that thou mayest blow this year to tiny bits. We present to you a Holy Hand Grenade.


Loaded with chocolate and brown sugar notes over roasty richness, and a boozy 11.5% worth of warming redemption, this imperial stout is going to make everything better. Come by the brewery, watch some Seahawks at 5:30, and let us fix it all with our taplist:

  1. Menomena Red Sour
  2. Cranberry Sour
  3. Yips Session Pale
  4. Ghost Note Schwarzbier
  5. Dark Helmet Stout
  6. Superfly Rye IPA
  7. Cabin Vibes Barrel Aged Stout
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Holy Hand Grenade Imperial Stout
  10. Spelt Saison
  11. Cascadian Dark Ale
  12. Wet Hop Pale
  13. Elemental Blood Orange Cider