Beer Release: Jerry, blonde Bière de Garde

One of our favorite styles to come out of the resurgence of farmhouse ales and mixed fermentation is Bière de Garde, a layered, malt driven, dry pale ale with prominent fermentation character. You may think more of wine than beer when it comes to French culture, but beer used to be a well developed part of French beverages. Like in Belgium, farmers developed their own regional style and cellared it long for drinking at a later time. This extended time in barrels gave the beer definition and complexity, and often opened it up to the influence of wild microflora. The moderate hopping rate controlled the souring effect of bacteria, and wild yeast, such as brettanomyces, would dry out the beer and introduce a rustic, enticing aroma to the beer’s bouquet.

You may remember our award winning bottle conditioned amber version “Brett Earl”. Jerry is a blonde take on this beer. At 7.1%, it is a perfect fall beer for getting cozy while it rains outside. Come enjoy one with a sandwich in our welcoming bar.