Beer Release: Jerry, Blonde Bière de Garde

We’ve all been in a bit of a funk lately. Life in Seattle seems to have entered a daze, with the freezing temps and lack of exercise shutting brains down and killing social lives. You may be looking for something to do that doesn’t involve your TV or a nap. We have just the thing … come grab a glass of Jerry and talk to your neighbors in our cozy little room!

A blonde Bière de Garde, Jerry is lighter and boozier than its amber brother, Earl. A rich balance of 8.2% alcohol, Pilsner, Munich and spelt malts, and fermentation notes of baked apple and a hint of allspice, its a perfect mid-winter sipper. It’s been a rough winter, but with beer, we can all collectively appreciate that the days are quickly getting longer, and things are gonna be ok after all.