Beer Release: Schwarzkölsch

And again! It’s another new beer! In the spirit of Bam Bam, our cool fermented black beer, we just released Schwarzkölsch. The Schwarzbier concept is a beer that is roasty, but light, a great beer for appreciating malt complexity and aroma, but with a clean fermentation, and bright finish. The primary difference between Bam Bam and Schwarzkölsch, is the fermentation. As the name suggests, this one uses the hybrid Kölsch yeast, which ferments well at cooler temperatures, keeping the yeast qualities low in fruity esters. A nice compliment to yesterday’s release, Druthers, our Schwarzkölsch is a great backyard beer, and its ready for your growlers at 5.0% …



  1. Mosaic Kölsch
  2. Oaked Altbier
  3. Truck Stick, Strong Ale
  4. Schwarzkölsch
  5. Druthers Session IPA
  6. Belgian Black
  7. Altbier
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Green Mountains IPA
  10. Tan Lines
  11. Snuffleupagus, Imperial Stout on Nitro
  12. Elemental Pomegranate Cider