Beer Release: Super Fly (Imperial Rye IPA)

It’s that time of year, again. The shadows are long, the wind is gusty, and one can smell the heaters of even the most frugal Seattleites firing up for the first time. El Niño isn’t doing what they said it would, and the storms are rolling in, back to back to back. Maybe you’re responsible for cleaning leaf-clogged gutters, or maybe you have a garden that needs to be put to bed, or perhaps you just spent too much time at a bus stop in the rain, but I’d bet we have a beer to suit your day. That is, so long as you love fragrant, juicy IPAs. Swing by the tap room tonight for the release of Super Fly, our new Imperial Rye IPA recipe that features Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops, a rich rye body, and 8.8% of heart-warming alcohol to boot.


Here’s the tap list:

  1. Cascadian Dark Ale
  2. Om (Holy Mountain)
  3. Autumn Pale
  4. Centennial Fresh Hop (Reuben’s)
  5. West Coast IPA
  6. Rye Porter
  7. Profanity Hill Porter (Schooner Exact)
  8. Li’l Brown Beer
  9. Super Fly Imperial Rye IPA
  10. Field 41 Pale (Bale Breaker)
  11. sooooooooon
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer