Beer Release: Sweet Nothings on tap now

Remember the “0 IBU IPA”? We just released the second version of this concept. “International bitterness units” or “IBUs” are a measurement of isomerized alpha acids. Alpha acids contribute bitterness to a beer, but they aren’t soluble until you boil them (or get them very hot). For a long time, it was thought that boiling temperatures were absolutely necessary to get IBUs, but it turns out that isn’t necessarily true. In this beer, no amount of hops were boiled, but we steeped a ton of them just after the boil, greatly reducing the bitterness, while contributing tons of hop aroma, which would evaporate during a boil. The result is a soft, very aromatic pale ale. Highlighting Galaxy and Simcoe hops, we refrained from any filtering or finings to maximize the hop aroma. This is one you want to drink fresh. 6.8%, and ready for guzzlin’.

  1. Cascadian Dark Ale
  2. Om (Holy Mountain)
  3. Autumn Pale
  4. Wheated Red Ale
  5. West Coast IPA
  6. Rye Porter
  7. Profanity Hill Porter (Schooner Exact)
  8. Li’l Brown Beer
  9. Super Fly Imperial Rye IPA
  10. Field 41 Pale (Bale Breaker)
  11. Sweet Nothings
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer


P.S. We have a special announcement regarding the patio coming tomorrow, but if you just can’t wait, come on down tonight and get yourself a preview …