Beer Release: Wheated Red is back!

Just in time for you to fill up your growlers for the most pivotal Seahawks game yet, the Wheated Red Ale makes a return to the taps. It’s dry, and complex, highlighting an earthy and spicy dry hop. It’s 5.8% and great for a crisp, sunny, fall afternoon. come and get it.


As usual, we will have the Seahawks on the screen, and the heaters will be cranked, so come enjoy the end of the weekend with us!

Tap list:

  1. Cascadian Dark Ale
  2. Om (Holy Mountain)
  3. Autumn Pale
  4. Wheated Red Ale
  5. West Coast IPA
  6. Rye Porter
  7. Profanity Hill Porter (Schooner Exact)
  8. Li’l Brown Beer
  9. Super Fly Imperial Rye IPA
  10. Field 41 Pale (Bale Breaker)
  11. coming Wednesday
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer