Beer Release: The Yips Session Pale

It was a stressful week. No matter how the election made you feel, it certainly left a mark. One thing I think we can say for sure is, it’s Friday. Another thing we can say is, you need a beer. If the week was hard enough to leave you with a case of the yips, we’ve got the antidote. We made a 5.0% pale ale that is built for increased consumption. Love the West Coast IPA or Superfly Rye IPA, but you gotta play it cool cuz you’re gonna have 4? The Yips. Like little beers but also a lovely hop bouquet? The Yips. Need to forget about your Facebook feed for a couple hours and watch the US play Mexico tonight at 4:45? THE YIPS, at Standard. Galaxy hops. Azacca hops. Pale malt, caramunich and spelt. Yip yip yip yip.


tap tap tap tap

  1. Menomena Red Sour
  2. Altbier
  3. Mossback Pale
  4. Ghost Note Schwarzbier
  5. Dark Helmet Stout
  6. Superfly Rye IPA
  7. West Coast IPA
  8. The Yips Session Pale
  9. Spelt Saison
  10. Cascadian Dark Ale
  11. Wet Hop Pale
  12. Elemental Blood Orange Cider