Bon voyage, Scott!

A couple years ago, Scott started hanging out at Standard when we first produced a Berliner Weisse. He drank it like it was going out of style, and it wasn’t long before he landed behind the bar, slingin’ pints for us. He’s made himself a fixture over the years, but he’s finally making the trek back to his home town of Philadelphia. Tonight is Scott’s last day at Standard Brewing. Come on down and wish him well, drink a pint, and chat him up. He’ll be a hard guy to replace, but we wish him the best.  Help us thank him for everything he’s done for the brewery.

If you can’t make it down tonight, we’ll be throwing a goodbye party for him this Friday at 6pm at Standard. He’ll be on the fun side of the bar that night, so you can properly toast him and send him off in style. We’ll miss you buddy!