Brew School: Wyeast discussion

I feel like every time I bring up yeast at a bar, somebody gives me the stink eye. If you don’t brew or make wine or distill (or make kombucha, cheese, bread or yogurt) you’ve probably never considered the awesome little world of microorganisms. You probably also think it’s a dirty word. Let me tell you something … it is fascinating. At the end of the day, it’s my second favorite thing about brewing (first being drinking the beer, natch). I’m going to start sharing links to informational videos and articles that I think every brewer should know about under the title “Brew School”. Here is the first. It’s a talk with Owen LIngley from Wyeast (with White Labs, one of the two most important brewing yeast companies) done at Northern Brewer (an awesome brew store in Wisconsin). If you brew, you should watch this.