Ever had Gruit? Drink some and watch the Hawks.

Before humans used hops in beer, we used all kinds of herbs to balance the sweetness of grain sugars to make beer palatable. I’m sure many combinations would test even the most adventurous modern palates, but diversifying the herbal content in beer can be an interesting detour from the usual elements of the Reinheitsgebot. We decided to take our biggest step away from the norm with a gruit that we’re calling Auld Alliance. In the Middle Ages, the Scots allied with France to help protect themselves against British tyranny and constant invasion. Our gruit was named after this alliance to reference the primary ingredients you’ll notice – herbs de provence, and peat malt. The “dry hop” consists of marjoram, lemon thyme, lavender, coriander and black pepper, and a pinch of peat malt bring the influence of single malt scotch whisky to the picture. Similar to the beet ale we just finished up, it takes a second to adjust your palate to the unusual combination, and becomes more refreshing the further you get into it. Give it a shot and try something you don’t get to try very often.

We’ll be opening early for the Seahawks game today at 1:25, and as usual, it’ll be up on the big screen outside. Come on down and let’s yell at the screen together. Here’s the tap list:

  1. Rye IPA
  2. West Coast IPA
  3. Imperial Fresh Hop IPA
  4. Pale Ale
  5. Wheated Red Ale
  6. Cascadian Dark Ale
  7. Imperial Rye IPA
  8. Belgian Strong Ale
  9. Single Hop w/Cluster Hops
  10. Bière de Garde
  11. Auld Alliance
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer