Feeling charitable? I’m crowdsourcing!

As things come down to the wire, there are a couple elements that I’ve been trying to find on Craigslist that I just can’t seem to lock down. If anyone has any of the following, I’d love to talk to you about possibly buying them from you.

4 person patio table and chairs – I’m willing to do a little touch up work if they aren’t in perfect condition.

2 upright freezers – This one is tricky. I need the shelves to be removable and the inside dimensions to be a minimum of 24″x24″ and 50″ high. The shelves on the door are not an issue, I’ll be cutting them off.

iPad – Anyone have an old one that they don’t use anymore? It seems that these things don’t lose much value. I just need one for a POS system.

Shoot me a message in Facebook or you can email me from the contact info on the website. Any and all favors not involving cash will definitely involve some kind of beery return.