Fresh Hop IPA is on tap!

It’s that time of year, again …

Anyone that’s lived in Seattle for a decade or more knows that the last 3 summers have been stupendous by historical standards. This year might go down as the best summer in a generation or so. I feel like it’s been summer since March, and with the long range forecast calling the upcoming fall warm and dry, we might not be very near to summer’s end just yet. This has been great news for gardeners inside city limits, who usually struggle to get more than a handful of tomatoes and other sun-loving crops. Hops definitely love the sun, and as such, we’ve had a bumper crop of aromatic cones. To celebrate, we’ve thrown an ample lot into this year’s Fresh Hop IPA, which features Palisade, Columbus and Northern Brewer hops. It’s 6.9%, and quite crisp, clean and bright. It’s just what you want to drink if you’re celebrating the fact that we’re going to see temperatures in the 80s during the 3rd weekend in September.

Currently on tap:

  1. Rye IPA
  2. West Coast IPA
  3. Imperial IPA > next up: Imperial Fresh Hop IPA
  4. Pale Ale
  5. Wheated Red Ale
  6. Cascadian Dark Ale
  7. BeetAleJuice
  8. Schwarz Kölsch > next up: Belgian Strong Ale
  9. Kölsch > next up: Session Single Hop w/Cluster Hops
  10. Fresh Hop IPA
  11. Super Saison > next up: Biére de Garde
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer

Currently fermenting: Imperial Rye IPA

Also, We’ll be open early for the Seahawks game against the Denver Broncos at 1:25pm. Go Hawks!