Go Hawks! Rally Randall Sundays!

Hate the 49ers as much as we do? Looking for a good place to watch the game while enjoying a randalled IPA? Well, come on down to Standard tomorrow. This is a friendly reminder that we open early on 1:30pm game days to show Seahawks games both on the TV inside, and outside on the 80 inch projection screen (we keep the heater on). Happy hour runs an extra hour, from 1-3pm.

Furthermore, we are rallying every Sunday through the season by randalling a different beer each week. In case you don’t know, or don’t remember IPA Day cuz you overdid it, a randall is a container stuffed with hops (or sometimes other stuff) which the beer gets pushed through en route to your glass. The end result is a a delightfully hoppy (but not bitter) aroma and taste. This week, we will be putting the Imperial IPA on randall with Centennial hops. Randalled beers are an extra buck, but happy hour applies to randalled beers, as well. See y’all tomorrow!