Happy IPA Day! Happy Hour starts today with randalled beer!

Chances are, you probably already knew that today is IPA Day, but if you didn’t, I’m here to let you know. We like our hops here at Standard, and if you get technical about it, you could probably define most of our beers as some kind of IPA. Even the Wheated Red and Pale Ale are dry hopped, and the Pale kind of sits on the IBU line of an IPA. So what can we do to pay homage to a style that we clearly already endorse?

Add more hops, obviously. Just for this evening, we’ll be randalling the West Coast IPA with Cascade. A randall is a container full of hops that you run beer through between the keg and the tap, bringing a very unique version of hop flavor to beer. What’s more, we aren’t even charging extra for this totally wasteful use of hops.

FURTHERMORE: Today is the start of our happy hour, which means that all single servings are a buck off for the first hour we are open, every day of the week! This means that the aforementioned beer can be had for the low, low price of $4 between 4 and 5 pm.

Long live the IPA!

P.S.: the first person to thank me for not using a hop pun in the title of this post gets a free beer.