Kegs for your party!

Having a holiday party and plan on drinking more beer than fits in a couple growlers? Consider buying a keg from us! We sell 1/6 barrel and 50 liter formats, which hold 5.2 and 13.2 gallons, respectively. We’ve just put together a page on our website that updates each week on how full our tanks are, so you can know the probability of getting any particular beer. We fill kegs on Thursdays, so we need to know by Tuesday night if you need a keg from us. Place an order either through your bartender at the pub, or email

If you’re in a hurry, stop by the pub and see if we have anything on hand. We set aside a couple 1/6 barrel kegs each week in case you need one in a hurry. Currently, we have kegs of West Coast, Ballrd Camo and Stone Cold sitting in reserve. Take a look at our new “Kegs to go” page on the website for more details.

Oh yeah, and stop by the pub today to watch the Sounders with us! The MLS Cup goes on the big screen at 1pm!