Want to buy a keg from us? Here are the details:

  • We offer kegs in either 1/6 barrel (about 5 gallons) or 50 liter (13.2 gallons) format.
  • We prefer to get custom keg orders in by Tuesday nights so that we can fill kegs on Thursday mornings and have them ready that afternoon.
  • Each week we set aside a couple varieties in 1/6 barrel format, so feel free to stop by the brewery if you’re in a hurry.
  • Hand pump dispensers are available for rental at $15/day, subject to availability. We charge by the day because this method of dispensing oxidizes beer and while it’s fine for dispensing beer, the beer changes very rapidly afterward. It’s best not to drink beer dispensed with a hand pump after 24 hours.
  • Place a keg order either by emailing or with a bartender at Standard.
  • The following list displays how full our tanks are of each variety of beer, and thus the likelihood we can provide you with a fill.
1/6 BBL
50 L
West Coast IPA19%$92.00$206.00
Animus Forks7%$99.00$223.00
Super Blue Blood21%$80.00$176.00
Doubly Purdy49%$95.00$212.00
Mr. Natural50%$75.00$149.00
Morning Dew21%$75.00$157.00
Big Button IIIPA51%$110.00$249.00