Mister Fan is back, releasing Tan Lines and Do It Live! IPA

I know it’s brutally hot this weekend for most Seattleites, but let’s all take a second and remember January, shall we? And also …

We are also releasing old favorite Tan Lines, and a new IPA called Do It Live! IPA. Tan Lines is always a little different, but the basics are that it’s brewed with Kolsch yeast, pilsner and wheat malts, and hops from the Southern hemisphere. This time we used mostly Ella, and a little Equanot and Simcoe. It’s 5.2%, and a real easy drinker.

Do It Live! IPA is a big, opinionated IPA and it doesn’t care what you have to say. When there’s no words there, and the f@^&ing thing sucks, and you can’t figure out what “to play us out” means, just drink an 8.2% IPA with Simcoe, Amarillo, Equanot and Mosaic hops. Your blood pressure will drop before you make an asshat of yourself.