National IPA Competition is under way

They call it “hops, not hoops”. It’s a fun way to judge beer, as it’s set up like a college basketball tournament bracket. We put 5 beers into the competition. There are two divisions, one for IPAs under 7.5%, and one for over 7.5%. The format takes a little longer, as the judging involved weekly events to progress through the levels of the tournament. You can follow along and fill in your own predictions, if you like on this here bracket poster for both the IPA and Imperial IPA divisions. Click this here button below for more information …



Round 1 gets judged this weekend, and here’s our competition:

West Coast IPA vs. Saugatuck Brewing Singapore IPA

Rye IPA vs. Terrapin Beer Hi-5

Imperial IPA get s BYE (wooo!)

Imperial Rye IPA vs. Dominion Brewing Co Double D

Philistine IIIPA vs. Barley Brown’s Tank Slapper