New Beers, Apple Cup and Nog!

First off, we have two new beers for you: New Money and Ballard Camo IPA.

New Money is a lager that marries old styles with new world hops. Hop processors use liquid CO2 to remove lupulin, the fragrant powder in hops, to provide a unique product for boosting the character in IPAs. What’s left over afterword is a debittered hop that perfectly suits lighter styles, like a more chuggable lager. We used debittered Citra hops with East Kent Goldings to make New Money, and the result is a new world hop character in perfect balance with a more traditional lager. It’s 5.1% and delicious.

Ballard Camo is an IPA made with pale malt, wheat and oats and a crap load of Simcoe and Centennial, Columbus an Apollo. It’s really aromatic, with a firm bitterness balanced by creamy grains. It’s big and bold, but floral and quite dank. It’s a deceiving 7.8%, but it’s cold outside, so drink freely.

Come watch the Apple Cup at 5pm tonight! We’ll have it on the screens. We have perfect specials to accompany the game: Habanero Pimento Cheese Balls and Auto<->Reverse, a fried tofu sandwich with cabbage, potato, chayote and spinach in peanut sauce topped with hard boiled egg, cucumber, curry mayo, soy chili oil and jalapeno chips!

Lastly, if you’re feeling extra spirited, we have a batch of Connor’s egg nog at the bar and it’s soooo good. Bourbon, dark rum, milk, eggs, cream and nutmeg for $7. Come and get it!