New beers: Ludwig and Wolfgang

These two crazy Germans are going to solve your beer needs tonight. Come on by the brewery and watch a little Monday night football, or ignore it and have a sandwich with friends. Either way, we’re going through a lager phase, so get these delicious sessionable beers while you can.

Ludwig is a Vienna lager, copper in color, round and grainy, but stops short of being sweet. It’s a clean finishing beer with all of the brightness you expect from lager yeast, but it sports a toasty malt aroma with mild hoppiness. If you loved our Altbier, you’ll enjoy this guy, which is less minerally, and more round, but with the same lightness paired with malt complexity. 5.4% ABV.

Wolfgang, our schwarzbier, is making a return as well. We love this style for it’s proximity to a dry stout on the flavor wheel, but without going overboard with roastiness. Using plenty of roasted malt, this beer also utilizes a broad spectrum of kilning methods and malt types to keep it layered and deep without losing sight of drinkability. Where stout is astringent and bitter, schwarzbier is round and smooth. It finishes extremely crisp and clean, and clocks in at 5.5% ABV.