New fresh hop and pint glass giveaway!

It’s Friday and we have another new fresh hop beer for you. We present to you: Heavens to Murgatroyd!

This year’s Mosaic fresh hops came to us from Loftus Ranches in Granger, WA. They are intensely aromatic and fruity, with loads of papaya, grapefruit and berry flavor on the palate. We steeped Heavens to Murgatroyd in very heavy helping of fresh Mosaics and then dry-hopped the crap out of it, both during and after fermentation. The result is a crusher of a hoppy extra pale at 6.2%. Come ignore fall with us over the spoils of the harvest.

You may be keen enough to notice the sexy new glassware in the above photo. Our new pints are a pub glass design, and today we’re moving on from the original shaker pint style we’ve been with for 4 years. For a limited time, we’re giving away our lightly used shaker pints so we can move on to our new design, which we’re selling for $5. Take home a piece of Standard Brewing history for free, or bring home some new branded glassware for a small fee!