New merch! Hats for your dome.

It’s frigid in Seattle. It’s that kind of cold that keeps people inside, watching Netflix series in a pair of slippers. Still, we’re challenging you to get up, come out to the brewery and score yourself a new Standard Brewing hat, or buy one for your sibling for Christmas, or just come get a beer and stare at them. Cuz they’re pretty.

6 panels, cloth front, mesh back with a snap size adjuster, black on the front, grey in the back. Now you can sport your Standard on your dome! Keep your eyes peeled, because we have a lot of great Christmas presents coming down the pipeline this week.

Also, take a peek at the new website while you’re thinking about us. We went through a redesign this week, and you can now check the current tap list through a link at the top of the page.

And also also, we just installed a glass paneled door between the patio and the indoor space so we can keep the heat in, so the indoor space is toasty now!