On tap this week: 100% more cozy

With fall fast approaching (approached, really), it’s time to get down to business making the world around us more warm and inviting. Here’s what we’re doing at Standard to prepare for the hard months. First, this:


That’s right, a “real” fireplace.

Next up, the patio cover, which is on schedule to be installed some time this week, preferably before the next real rain. To include a propane heater.

Then, Fresh Hop Ale #2! I got away with a second harvest after that first crazy rain, so I did a second version of the previously titled “Wet Hop Ale” (+ a bunch of other words). To clarify, “fresh” and “wet” are synonyms for hops that go straight from the bine to the beer without drying. The difference is similar to the difference between dried and fresh herbs in cooking. This time, while the malt is the same, the hops are Nugget, Hallertau and Willamette. Hopefully this will be on tap by the end of the week.

Lastly, Barleywine. Somewhat sweet, hoppy (Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic), with a tummy warming alcohol content of 10.3%. We’ll keep a few kegs on tap to serve young, then we’ll be cellaring a few cases of 22 oz bottles, and probably aging a keg or two on oak.

You can speed this all up by chugging the last few pints of Tepache, FYI. That keg just won’t kick!