On tap this week:

Some of you may have noticed late in the week that your only options at Standard were to have a 2% ginger beer, or one of two beers that clocked in at 9% or greater. What we all just went through was the fallout from the expansion of the tasting room. 2 weeks ago I made the decision to stop brewing for a couple days to increase the space. As a result, we just hit a little dry spell. Fortunately, it was really just Saturday night, and I’m kegging up more Rye IPA and Pale Ale tomorrow, so you’ll have some refreshing options alongside the knockout punches of the Imperial IPA and CDA. All 5 fermentors are full of frothing wort, and I should be ahead of production shortly. Come early Wednesday any time after 4 and enjoy the glorious sun staking out a claim on the patio!