On tap this week:

Nothing too crazy this week at Standard Brewing, but here’s the state of things, anyway:

The Tepache is gone for now, and I broke my juicer this week, so the next batch will be on hold until it’s replaced. My new brawny commercial juicer should be here by the end of the week, and I’ll get a big batch going then. Look for more traditional Mexican pineapple beer in about 2 weeks.

The Saison is crawling along. I’m pulling out every trick in the book trying to get the bastard to finish up the ferment, but Wyeast #3724′s genetic makeup just refuses to be trifled with. She moves like a 90 year old on Sunday. The good thing is, the end result is much more appealing than said 90 year old.

Otherwise, the Wheated Red is back, and I’ve got plenty of Pale, Rye IPA, CDA, and Bee’s Wine. West Coast IPA will likely run out this week at some point, but I double batched it this week, so come this time next week, I challenge you all to drain my supplies.