On tap this week: A Belgian beer for an American holiday

The first in a series of limited summer releases is finally ready! Standard Brewing Saison is on tap and ready to pour. Using the Dupont strain of yeast, our Saison comes in at 7%, is 100% pilsner malt, and uses grapefruit peel, as well as Mt Hood hops in the boil to bring it to 35 IBUs. It is then finished with an easy dose of an experimental hop known as EXP 1210 for a refreshing, hot weather beer. It will likely be the only batch I make for a while, so get it while you can. Available only for on premise consumption, it will not be sold in growlers. If you aren’t familiar with Saisons, you should know that they were usually brewed by farmers in Belgium as a method of payment to their permanent employees in the summer months. While serving Belgian beer for the 4th of July might seem sacrilegious, I feel like a beer intended as a form of payment seems somehow an apt appropriation for an American holiday, particularly if you share an affinity for the proletariat.


We couldn’t be more well stocked on the usual suspects, and Tepache will make a reappearance some time next week. Also, look for another summery limited release next week, and a new form of Standard Brewing merchandise in the not-so-distant future.