On tap this week: Imperial IPA #2

First, here comes the rain. You may be thinking “Standard, see you in 6 months, because now I can’t sit on your patio.” To this I say, “Not so fast!” I’m currently waiting on a custom covering for the new patio space, which will keep the rain out and the heat in (to be supplied by a propane heat lamp). The patio will be your winter beer garden some time toward the end of next week.

The Wet Hop Ale is selling like hot cakes, and we’ve only got another keg or two left. If you like a hop aroma that is both fresh and dank, you might want to hurry down for a pint before it’s gone. Also, we found a final keg of Tepache hiding in the walk-in, so if you want to pretend that’s it’s still as warm as it was a couple weeks ago, you’ve got one last chance to get some delicious pineapple beer.

The Imperial IPA #2 is the next new brew coming on, and it’ll be up as soon as the Wet Hop or Tepache finishes up. It’s dry hopped with a ridiculous 2 lbs per barrel, which turned out to present a severe chill haze problem that has taken a week to clear up. By comparison, the West Coast IPA has about half that volume in dry hop. It is a totally different beer from the Imperial IPA you may remember from 4 months ago, which had a more caramelly body, and was somewhat less aromatic, and thus, it gets a #2 tacked on the name. There is an immense amount of aromatic hop oil in this light bodied, 8.6% IPA, and I probably won’t make it quite like this again, because the dry hop has proven to be a royal pain to do.

This week we made a Rye Stout, and a Barleywine, so keep your eyes peeled for these. I’ll be bringing in a nitro tap for the stout, and in the future, will likely play with carbing some beers with nitro that usually get CO2, for a creamy head and more subtle carbonation. It seems that there is enough of a late harvest of Nugget and Hallertau left on my hop plants that I’ll be able to do a second Wet Hop, so look for that soon, as well.