On tap this week: Tepache

Hey folks –

I’ll be tossing fresh batches of the Pale, Rye IPA and West Coast IPA into kegs today and tomorrow. The West Coast is out for the moment, but will be back on tap tomorrow. There is plenty of Bee’s Wine and CDA.

The Wheated Red Ale may run out this week briefly, but should be on till tomorrow. As always, once a beer gets down to the last half keg or so, it’s pints only, so I may not be able to fill growlers with it tomorrow. There will be more Wheated Red next week.

The Saison did what I was foolishly hoping it wouldn’t, and stalled halfway through fermentation. This is a trait of the strain I’m using (which is also used by Dupont). It’s annoying, but it comes with the territory of this otherwise amazing strain. On the positive side of things, it is tasting delicious. With 100% pilsner malt, Mt Hood boil and Centennial finishing hops, as well as grapefruit peel, it will be very refreshing. We just need a little more time. Stay tuned.

Lastly, come and try your new favorite low alcohol, probiotic beverage. Tepache is a sort of pineapple beer. A favorite in Sonoran Mexico, it is often fermented wild, using spices, sugar and cubed pineapple. I respect wild fermentation, but I prefer the complexity (and repeatability) of a version made with Water Kefir, a symbiotic culture of microbes (various strains of bacteria and yeast). Water Kefir bears a few things in common with the Ginger Beer Plant, the culture used to make our Bee’s Wine, but sours less and seems to produce more alcohol (soon to be tested). Our estimate puts this Tepache at about 3%, and it is made with brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, and pineapple. We are serving it by pint and taster only, because there is only 5 gallons of it. Come and get it before it’s gone! More in a couple weeks.

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