On tap this week: Wet Hops and Cliches!

It’s that time of year. Everything comes out of the ground and goes into beer. And while I generally have a problem with putting things like squash and pumpkin in my beer, I’ll let my friends put beets in it. Now that the Beetalejuice is almost gone, it’s time to put fresh, aromatic wet hops into a batch. We brewed a beer leaning heavily on a combination of Columbus and Willamette hops to put some of the hops growing in my yard to use.

IMG_18782 years ago I planted 8 varieties of hops, and while they all produced, the Columbus and Willamette were ahead of the other 6’s schedule. Now that the rains are back, I’m worried they could mold on the bine (not a typo). Only time will tell, but there were enough to make a batch with, so I present to you the most cliche beer I’ve ever made: the Harvest Estate Grown Wet Hop Dry Hopped Local Small Batch Single Barrel Organic Grain Fed Fair Trade Single Origin … Ale. It’s all true, too. Here’s the action shot, where the extra bit of magic happened:

IMG_1901As soon as the Beetalejuice kicks the bucket, it’ll be available. I’m guessing it will happen later tonight or tomorrow.