Open early for Seahawks & some great press!

So it’s here … the NFL hath been kicked off. We watched a rematch of the Super Bowl on Thursday and it wasn’t shy on storylines and drama. What will happen with our Seahawks? There is so much to anticipate. Was Rawls a flash in the pan last year, or is he really the new Beast? Is C Mike’s “awakening” going to last into the regular season? Will Jimmy Graham be everything everyone wants him to be? Will Russ continue looking like an elite passer and drop deep-ass bombs betwixt corners and safeties into the sure-gripping hands of Angry Doug and TyLo? And will the Hawks do that thing where we forget to show up for the first quarter of the season and have to fight insurmountable odds to recover and make a post season run? There are a lot of reasons to pay close attention to this team, which we have great reasons to believe may be as dominant as 2013, and you can do it all at Standard Brewing.

We will be open for all Seahawks games that don’t start at 10am (Oct 2nd and 30th). For any 1pm game, we will open up at 12:30pm. The game will be on the big screen, and the game sound will be on. That means we’ll be open tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:30pm. All other NFL games we deem to be worth a damn will be shown, but the game sound will be reserved for Seahawks games.

Lastly, a big thanks to Paul Clarke and The Daily Beast for a great write up on the West Coast IPA, which you can read right here. If you’re looking at the picture of the West Coast IPA in the article and you’re thinking about the last blog post and saying, “you liar, that IPA is crystal clear”, let it be known that the West Coast IPA yeast flocculates faster than the Galaxy Pale and Kalakala IIPA strain. It starts cloudy, but drops clear eventually. So there.


  1. Menomena
  2. Altbier
  3. Galaxy Pale
  4. Schwarzkölsch
  5. Kalakalaka IIPA
  6. Kölsch
  7. Berliner Weisse
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Norma, dry hopped Saison
  10. Edith, Saison
  11. War Pig, Milk Stout on Nitro
  12. Elemental Blood Orange Cider