Opening at noon today, Rye IPA on tap

Just a last minute note that we are opening early at noon today to be available for folks cruising the Seattle Summer Parkways event, which you should all come out and enjoy. 20th and 25th avenues are closed to cars from Columbia to Judkins, and there are a million things going on along the route. This is to celebrate the almost finished greenway that’s been under construction for the last year. Swing by for a pint and then go enjoy the Central District block party on foot in 80 degree weather. We’ll be giving tours of the new brew system … Woot!

The Rye IPA is back on tap, so here is the current tap list:

  1. Imperial IPA
  2. West Coast IPA
  3. Schwarz Kölsch
  4. Rye IPA
  5. Summer Pale
  6. Cascadian Dark Ale
  7. Dag Blabbit
  8. Kölsch
  9. Altbier
  10. Kotbüsser
  11. Philistine IIIPA
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer