Opening walls and prepping the stinky room

There was no plumbing on the north wall, where there was an existing fan, so I had to get it piped in from upstairs. The shortest and cheapest source was directly overhead where I wanted to put the sanitation area, right next to the brewing area. In order to cut down on plumber expenses, I opened the wall up to see if I could find the pipes and prep them for cutting and soldering. I found a little friend in the wall, with some buddies – a few slugs living in rain water soaked insulation behind plastic sheeting, behind drywall. Awesome.

 I gave up and attacked the nasty carpet in the future grain storage and mill room. This conjured intense memories of ripping out carpet in a nasty house in Rancho Bernardo (north San Diego) when my dad took on a fixer in my younger years. There is no inherent reward in this kind of work, unless you are fortunate enough to harbor an intense masochistic streak.

 The day didn’t stop until the smell was coated with primer. Paint never smelled so good:

 The only remedy to painful work is a little self medication:

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