On tap this week: Bottled Bee’s Wine, Bike Racks, and a new “Single Hop”

It’s a big week for us here at Standard. We’ve been slaving for months to get the Bee’s Wine into 12 oz bottles. You’ve probably seen the brite tank sitting in the background, connected with tubing and a nifty silver jacket. I had to build a bottling line, a new walk in, and figure out infrastructure for handling pallets worth of bottles, labeling, etc … but today you can walk in and leave with a 6 pack of Bee’s Wine in bottles!! If you’re new to the Standard Brewing blog, Bee’s Wine is ginger beer as you won’t taste from anyone else. It is ginger beer as it originally was, fermented with a very specific culture that was originally required just to call it “ginger beer”. If you find another ginger beer on the market that uses fermentation at all, it is likely ale or champagne yeast, and not this special culture. It’s about 2% alcohol, extremely refreshing, and now you don’t have to drink 64 oz of it from your growler all at once, just to keep it from going flat! Mix cocktails with it, drink it straight from the bottle, take it camping and cure your hangover with this little number. Come and get it for $4 a bottle.

IMG_2448After a standing request to the city for over a year, WE FINALLY GOT A BIKE RACK! Look for it on our side of Jackson St. in the parking lane just east of 25th. It’s the 3 staple corral style, so we should be able to handle quite a few locked up bikes from here on out.

Lastly, today we are releasing the latest variety of “Single Hop”. It gets quotes, because it isn’t really a single hop, but rather a proprietary blend called “Falconer’s Flight”. A combination of a whole bunch of Northwest grown hops put together by Hop Union in honor of Glen Hay Falconer, it includes Simcoe, Citra, and Sorachi Ace, as well as some experimental varieties. The blend is kind of a special thing, not just because proceeds from these hop sales go toward the Falconer Foundation, which supports the brewing industry, but because it really is a kind of perfect union of hops. It sits beautifully between all the pine, grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruit notes you’d expect from an IPA hop. Come refresh yourself with this highly quaffable 5.4% beer.

P.S. Kölsch will be back on Thursday, and look next week for the IRA and Experimental IPA!

On tap this week: Dry Hopped Rye Saison and Düsseldorf Altbier!

Feels like it’s been summer for two months already, and June just started. The long range forecasts I’m seeing are calling for a hot and dry summer as well. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling pretty good about the coming months. In preparation for all this great weather, we’re brewing summer style beers for you. Starting with:

MORE ALTBIER! So if you’ve tried the current Alt, you know it’s got a present malt with a satisfying roastiness, but it’s dry and clean and crisp. Technically speaking, that extra roast isn’t in style for that beer. We wanted to make another one, but this time, we’re following the traditional style of the Düsseldorf Altbier. While relying more on Munich (read toasty) than roast malts, this way of making it also isn’t afraid of a little assertion with the hops. We used Saaz, Mt Hood and Strisselspalt, and couldn’t help dry hopping it with a smidge of Hallertau. It is terrific, refreshing and 5.1%. It’ll be on when we kick the last 1/4 keg of the current batch of Alt.

DRY HOPPED RYE SAISON! In keeping with summery beer, we’re going to try to have a Saison on tap at all times. This time, we’re using the drying effect of some rye alongside floral and citrusy hops to make the best hot weather Saison we’ve done yet. Old world Strisselspalt and German Hallertau hops mingle with the orangey grapefruit of Amarillo late hopping. The dry hop happened with New Zealand Wakatu hops, which are an open pollination offspring of Hallertau. The result is a bright lime addition to Hallertau’s floral notes. It’s 5.4% and you’re going to want gallons of it.

Coming next week: Bee’s Wine in 12 oz bottles! Falconer’s Flight Single Hop!!

Coming sometime after that: India Red Ale returns! Experimental IPA with a weird yeast strain!!

On tap this week: Kölsch and Belgian Black Ale

Starting this week, we finally have all 12 taps full of our own brews! The newest additions are Kölsch and Belgian Black Ale. If you aren’t familiar, Kölsch is an ale fermented at a cooler temperature to achieve an extremely clean and crisp flavor. Ours is 5.8%, based on pilsner malt, with Saaz and Mt Hood hops. Perfect for a warm, sunny day.

Looking for something darker? How about a Black Ale with Belgian yeast. Ours is about as black as they come. Sun doesn’t really make it through the glass. The Belgian yeast brings earthiness without typical Belgian esters. This beer has about 8% rye, a strong roast backbone, and it’s quite smooth. It’s 6.4%, and ready for your happy hour.

Come enjoy 12 taps of our beer 5 days a week!

On tap this week: Altbier!

Many of you probably know that today marks the start of the almighty Seattle Beer Week. For the next week and a half, you have the opportunity to overconsume craft malt beverages 5-10 times a day at hundreds of different venues around the city. This list of events is incredible, and it isn’t entirely comprehensive. There are a lot of small events that aren’t mentioned. We’ll be participating at a few worth mentioning.

Friday, May 9th Naked City Nano Night from 6-9pm

Sunday, May 11th Newbie’s Night @ Brave Horse Tavern @ 4pm

and one that isn’t on any official lists:

Tuesday, May 13th @ Sun Liquor Lounge @ 6pm. This will be a sort of pre-release for the 12 oz bottling of our Bee’s Wine ginger beer. Starting shortly after the event, you’ll be able to pick up 12 oz bottles from the brewery. Soon after that, you might see them at your favorite cocktail lounge, where you can request a mixed drink using proper, traditional ginger beer. We’ll also have the West Coast IPA on draft at Sun Liquor until the keg is gone.

If, however, you are too overwhelmed to head out to a Beer Week event (or perhaps you need an easy drinking pre-funk), today marks the release of our Altbier! What is Altbier, you ask? It’s hard to find a lot of examples, so I don’t blame you if you don’t already know. There are only a few indigenous “ale” style beers attributed to Germany. We all know Bavarian Hefeweizens and Cologne’s Kölsches, but Altbier gets overlooked. What lies behind an Altbier style is cool fermentation temperatures using an ale strain, producing a clean, non-estery flavor with a malty body. A sort of brother to Kölsch, which uses the same fermentation technique (and often the same strains), but differs in grain choice. Both usually start with a Pilsner base, but Alt leans heavily on Munich malt, often using other specialty malts for complexity. Ours is 60% Pilsner, 20% Munich, and includes Victory and Aromatic malts for richness. Non-traditionally, we also included a pinch of Carafa II to deepen the brown color without roasted malt astringency. Hop-wise, we used Saaz, Mt Hood and Willamette, and the result is a beautiful, mellow, easy drinking 5.1% beer that is delightfully rich and dry on the finish. It is so good, that it might make a regular appearance on the menu from here on out …


Come and get it! Keep your eyes peeled for two more new styles, the aforementioned Kölsch as well as a Belgian Black!

On tap this week: Many announcements!!

I’ve been a little silent on the social media front for a bit. Darren and I have been cranking out batches of beer trying to get caught up from an extremely busy March. In silence, a backlog of important announcements has compiled. I’m going to try to be brief,

WE NOW HAVE 12 TAPS. Here’s what you can expect tonight.

  1. Rooftop Brewing collaboration and brewer’s night. TONIGHT!! We got together and schemed on using dandelions in a beer. The outcome is on tap starting tonight. We used dandelions to bitter this fuller bodied, 6.8% ale, and it’s being called Bedwetter Dandelion Ale. Why bedwetter, you ask? well, dandelions are a diuretic, and if you look up dandelion nicknames, many of them revolve around this irreverent property. Don’t worry, the beer won’t make you wet the bed, unless you already have a problem with that. Craig Christan from Rooftop Brewing will be on hand all night to hang and chat beer, along with a keg of their Coffee Porter!
  2. Spring Tart Ale! We will be experimenting a lot now that we have more taps. You may call them Standard Deviations. This one is a sort of “cheater sour”. We don’t have the space to be stock-piling barrels, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate sour beers. Adding acid to a beer after fermentation creates a simpler version of a sour, and we thought it might make a refreshing light beer for the warmer days. It’s 5.6%, made with Maris Otter, wheat and caramel malts, and showcases the fruitiest of hops in the aroma. Belma, Cascade, Legacy, Amarillo, Mosaic and Citra. Smells like an IPA, reminds you of a sour.

WE NOW HAVE 12 TAPS. Here’s what you can expect later this week.

  1. Sorachi Ace Saison! Sorachi Ace is a weird hop. It comes to the party with armloads of dill and lemongrass. We thought it would be an interesting side hop in a saison, so we’re doing another experiment. It also has East Kent Goldings, but nobody cares about that … 5.7%, with 2 row, vienna and honey malts. Should be on tap on Saturday.
  2. Nelson Sauvin Single Hop! Another weirdo hop, but not in a Bobcat Goldthwait sort of way, more like a Flight of the Conchords kind of way. New Zealand bred, said to have a white wine type aroma, with gooseberries and grape skins. As with all hop descriptions, your smelling may vary. Come enjoy many of them and tell us what you get, because it’s only 4.9%. A true session this time! It’ll be on tap when the Belma Single Hop kegs blow, probably some time this weekend.

See you at the brewery!


On tap this week: Belma Single Hop

I don’t know how many of you came out to Penumbra, but those that did now know that it’s the most fun you can have at a beer festival. We had a blast, and thank you to everyone that showed us so much support! If you didn’t go, you may not know that we won the Randall competition running the CDA through Rosemary and Chinook and Columbus hops. Can’t wait for next year!

This week marks the arrival of a new Single Hop Session beer. This time it’s with Belma hops, known for their mellow citrus and strawberry notes. Did you hear that? STRAWBERRY. IN HOPS. I know. It’s awesome. This is a perfect spring beer, and it’s only 5.4%, so you can have, like, 40 of them. Come and get it!

Coming soon – a dandelion beer and a soured beer. Keep your ears to the ground.

On tap this week: Enormous appreciation

To everyone that has supported us for the last 12 months and to everyone that showed up to celebrate last Thursday, to those that wanted to but sadly couldn’t, to the CD, to Judkins, to Leschi, to Madrona, to Minor, to Cherry Hill, and even Capitol Hill, to our supportive brew buds at Rooftop, Spinnaker Bay, Reuben’s Brews and Populuxe, to the CDBC, to Sound Homebrew, to the recently departed Central District News (so sad), Imbibe, Seattle Beer News, Capitol Hill Seattle, Thrillist, Seattle Met, Craft Beer Monger, Puget Sound Brewery Tours, Ale Trail Maps, Twopedalsacouplepints and Seattle Bars, to the awesome folks at Sugar Bakery for all the edibles, to Knox Gardner for his neighborhood rallying support, Two Big Blondes, Broadcast Coffee, Chuck’s CD, and Central Pizza


… to all of you, including those that my tired brain is forgetting, that made this first year a massive success for our little brewery, THANK YOU!!!!!

In case you weren’t there, Thursday was an absolute blowout, and we were ridiculously busy all day. I can’t express the amount of gratitude we all feel for the outpouring of love we got. The Anniversary Ale sold out around 9pm, and I can’t wait to bottle again!

If you have the notion on Saturday, from 5pm-10pm, we’ll be the smallest brewery at Penumbra Beer Bash, the Stranger’s beer and music festival. Tickets are $25 and if you want to go, I’d suggest you buy a ticket here right now. The full page ad in the Stranger just printed, so it’ll probably sell out shortly. It’s gonna be a hoot.

If festivals aren’t your thing, you can still come by the brewery to drink the India Red Ale, because it’s still on tap, as is the Single Hop Session w/Legacy Hops. We’ve got some really exciting things coming down the pipeline, including a new single hop made with Belma hops, and a collaboration beer with another brewery. Both to be boiling in the kettle shortly.

Here’s to another year of hearts and pints! See y’all soon.

On tap this week: One Year Anniversary!

Are you all paying attention? I’ve got a ton to talk about this week, so hang up the phone and pour yourself a pint. This post is a juicy one. This week, we will have been open for a whole year, and I’m so excited we’re here. I didn’t realize when I got the idea to open a tiny brewery that I’d be doing it with so many other people, but it was exciting to see the new wave of community around us. Rooftop, Populuxe, Peddler, Machine House, Spinnaker Bay, Reuben’s Brews, Seapine, Lower Case, Tin Dog, Burdick … makes one’s head spin, and that’s just the Seattle metro area. We’re gonna celebrate all this exciting beer making on Thursday.

We’re going to be partying at the brewery from noon till 10 pm, releasing our 12% Anniversary Ale. Half of the batch will be in kegs, and we are bottling the other half in 22 oz format (only 100 bottles!). This is our first bottle release, so come get it before it’s history. They’ll be going for $16. Tax is included, so, really $14.61.

2014_anniversary_ale_ft_colaWe will be hosting two food trucks for the anniversary party. The first will be Crema Crepes (sweet and savory crepes) from noon-4pm, and Snout and Co. (Cuban and southern food stylings) from 5-9pm. We’re excited to bring new food to the neighborhood, so come have lunch and/or dinner with us!

We are also releasing Darren’s first recipe, an India Red Ale. It has a robust, dry malt backbone and uses Belma, Northern Brewer, Columbus and Citra hops. Belma is an interesting hop, with citrus and strawberry being it’s dominant characteristic. You’re gonna love it. The IRA will be on tap starting Wednesday.

Wednesday will also see the new Legacy Session Single Hop. Legacy hops come from Puterbaugh Farms, the same folks that came up with Belma, which will no doubt get a single hop batch at some point. Supposedly, they have been growing it since 1963, but only released it in 2013. It’s known for a black currant (cassis) flavor, but it also brings some grapefruit and spice to the picture. It’s 5.5%, and ready for your pint.

Stainless growlers are in! Those of you who pre-ordered them can come pick them up. The rest of you can buy them for $45. As with everything at Standard, we eat the tax, so … $41.10, a steal on the insulated growler market. Also, they’re super sexy. Dog not included at purchase price …

926130_1415801162008099_1640046852_nLastly, have you heard of Penumbra? It’s the Stranger’s beer and music festival, and it’s happening on Saturday, March 29th. We’ll be the smallest brewery in attendance, and it should be a whole lot of fun. Bands, breweries, a randall competition, food trucks … a smoking lounge. See you there!

penumbra2014_Postcard_`v copy 2

On tap this week: Stickers and a Save the Date!

First, STICKERS! Come get them and put them on stuff! Free. Stick them on your bikes. Stick them on signs. Stick them on other breweries. Just kidding!

Second, can you believe it? Standard Brewing has been around for almost a year! Yeah, me neither. It’s been a blast putting this thing together and seeing the community turn it from a crackpot idea into a functional business. To commemorate, we are throwing a party, so mark this in your calendars … Thursday, March 20th, from noon to 10pm, or whenever the party slows down. We will be releasing a special beer – our Anniversary Ale – a 12% IPA made with Simcoe, Mosaic and Calypso. We will be putting 3 kegs of it on tap, and releasing our first 22 oz bottle format! There will only be 100 bottles. Get one and you can say that you got our first ever Standard bomber release. We will also be hosting our first food truck, and I’ll let you know who it is in a bit …

Third, a little clarification. For those of you who see nothing but the word “wheat” in the Spring Cleaning Wheat IPA, I’d like to point something out. More often than not, when you get a “wheat beer” it is fermented with Hefeweizen yeast. This strain is designed to put off banana and clove notes, and sometimes the style includes a bit of diacetyl (tastes like butter). I understand if you hate this style of beer. Many do. However, the Spring Cleaning Wheat IPA bears nothing in common with a Hefeweizen. The word “clean” should stick in your mind more than “wheat”, and you wont find any banana, clove, or butter notes in this beer. It is a very bright, floral IPA. The wheat brings a creaminess and fuller mouth feel to the beer. Be not afraid!

Lastly, those of you who tried to get a men’s L or XL tee shirt recently and couldn’t, we’ve got more en route at the moment, and they should be here in the next day or two. That’s all, folks!

On tap:

  • Single Hop (Galaxy hops)
  • Rye IPA
  • Spring Cleaning Wheat IPA
  • CDA
  • Pale Ale
  • Wheated Red
  • Imperial IPA
  • Barleywine
  • Bee’s Wine

Barleywine back on tap!

With all this rain, it’s a good time to try and polish off the last keg of Barleywine. Mellowing since October, it’s a great dry representative of the style. Come hide by the “fireplace” or under the patio cover with a heat lamp. Be dry, and warm, with a 10.3% beer in your hand.

On tap this week: Spring Cleaning and Stainless Growlers?

First, thanks for all the support in the National IPA Competition. Sadly, all three of our IPAs got beat this week, so we won’t be moving into round 3. Sadly, in the under 8% bracket, so did every other Seattle brewery. Must be some kind of conspiracy. However, in the Imperial IPA (over 8%) bracket, congratulations to our friends over at Reuben’s Brews for advancing with 2 (!!!) beers (Imperial IPA and Imperial Rye IPA), and being the only Seattle brewery in the competition now. We will be watching closely this weekend to see how this plays out.

Crazy how positive a little sunshine makes a Seattleite. After a pretty pissy February, the last couple of sunny days seem to have us all dancing in the streets. I find myself tidying up all the nooks and crannies exposed by the blinding sunlight where they’ve sat dust bunnied and ignored all winter while we caffeinate and inebriate our way through the dark months. The hop freezer did not escape the scrutiny. Every so often, a brewer finds him or herself with little quarter sacks of unusual hops that they won’t likely use for a while. What can one do, but make random beer and have a little fun with it? Thusly, the Spring Cleaning Wheat IPA was born. Made with 25% wheat in the grain bill, using Galena, Calypso, Bravo, and Experimental 5256 hops in the boil and dry hopped with Chinook and Saaz, this guy is a weirdo. It’ll be on tap tomorrow (Friday, 2/28). 7.0% ABV and delightful.

I’ve been fielding a lot questions about those awesome double walled stainless growlers, lately. While they kick ass at keeping your beer cold for ever and a day, they aren’t cheap. We’d have to sell them for $45 a piece. I’ve avoided buying into them because of the cos. Asking around, though, it seems like quite a few people would be interested in pre-ordering them. If I can get 10 people to pay ahead of time, I’ll happily jump on the insulated stainless train. They would get you the same $1 off benefits of the glass growlers, and be printed with our totally awesome logo. So I ask y’all, who’s in? Email me here, if you are.

On tap:

  • Single Hop (Galaxy hops)
  • Rye IPA
  • CDA
  • Spring Cleaning Wheat IPA (Friday)
  • Pale Ale
  • Wheated Red Ale
  • Dark Saison
  • Imperial IPA
  • Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer

On tap this week: IPA Competition!

So we ponied up and put all of our IPAs into the annual National IPA Competition run by Brewing News. The bad news is that I didn’t tell you about it in time for you to fill out your own bracket with how you think the results will go. The competition is run tournament style, where each weekend, two breweries go head-to-head in a blind judging, advancing if a majority of 3 judges prefers it. The good news is that all three beers (Rye IPA, West Coast IPA, and Imperial IPA) won round one. The brackets are randomly aligned, so anyone could get knocked out by anyone at any time. It’s nice to say that we’ve already gone further than the likes of: Boneyard RPM IPA, Elysian Savant, Laurelwood Green Elephant, Anderson Valley Hop Ottin’, Seapine IPA, Two Beers Evo, Red Hook Longhammer, Stone Cali-Belgique, Racer 5 IPA, Rogue Brutal IPA, Goodlife Descender, Populuxe IPA, and Victory Hop Devil. All of these guys make great beer, so we feel pretty good about advancing. Follow along each week in the brackets for the IPA Championship and the Imperial IPA Championship. Say a little prayer for our Rye IPA, because it’s going up against one of my favorite beers, Firestone Walker’s Union Jack, this weekend. Yeesh.

Also, we’ve got a special deal for you homebrewers out there. I goofed and ordered Cascade whole cone hops when I meant to pick up pellets. Rather than ship them back, I figure I should just sell them cheap to you guys. Anyone that wants a 1 lb bag for $10 should email me right away. I’ve got 6 lbs left …

Otherwise, not much to mention, except that we’re doing a little renovation around the brewery, so don’t be surprised if it’s looking a little disheveled. We’re selling off the walk-in cooler this Thursday, so the room will suddenly look much bigger. It’s been outgrown, and the new cold room is 4 times the size.

On tap this week: Presidential Mentions and a Single Gal

It’s a complicated week, this one. You’ve got an actual president’s birthday, followed shortly by a holiday celebrating romance, followed shortly by a holiday celebrating all of the presidents. It always seems a bit confused, like the holiday designers couldn’t agree and came to an awkward compromise. Either way, we’re going to do our darndest to be relevant in this mish-mash.

First, thanks to the Seattle Met for the mention in their article on bar-crawling President’s Day. We are the clear drinking establishment of choice if your name is Barack Obama. We won’t turn away your business if it isn’t.

For Valentine’s Day, we’re doing a sort of anti-celebration of romance. We are releasing our next Single Hop, made entirely with Galaxy hops. It’s been nicknamed the Single Gal around the brewery. Currently, Galaxy hops have the highest known total oil content, which contributes greatly to an intense aroma of citrus and passionfruit. With time, this beer will mellow out a bit, so come get it while it’s feeling mouthy! As with the rest of the beers in this series, it’s a session beer, at 5.0%, so you can keep your cool when enjoying more than one.

Current list:

  • Single Hop
  • Rye IPA
  • CDA
  • West Coast IPA
  • Pale Ale
  • Wheated Red Ale
  • Imperial IPA
  • Dark Saison
  • Bee’s Wine

Mark the date: March 20th is our one year anniversary! Keep an eye out for a special beer and a really fun night at the brewery.

Today only! Snow day Barleywine!

Since this will probably be the last time we see some good snow for a while, and since the Barleywine we brewed in October is well mellowed and delicious, we’re bringing it out for the afternoon. On premise drinking only (no growler fills), it will replace the Single Hop for the afternoon. Come get your winter warmer and watch people pelt each other with snowballs under a heat lamp!

The Dark Saison is on!

Come and git ‘er! Drown your Superb Owl anxieties with a beer that bears no relationship to tomorrow’s events at all.

Percolating away, we’ve got another single hop doing it’s thing in a fermenter. This one is made with Australian Galaxy hops. If the aroma in the boil kettle says anything, it should be a lip smacker.