On tap this week: Seahawks Randall on Saturday!

Both of the beers that I mentioned last week are on tap. The 5% Amarillo Single Hop is light and refreshing, and tells you everything you need to know about the hop that brewers can’t help stuffing into their IPAs. The 8.4% Bière de Garde is on tap and it is already a favorite around the brewery. Golden, slightly tart and malty in a dry way, the presence of the Kent Goldings and Belma hops is subdued in this balanced example of a French classic.

Our Seahawks Rally Randall is temporarily moving to Saturdays for our playoff game against the Saints, and we’ll be open early at 1pm to show the game. This week, it will be running the West Coast IPA through Nugget hops, which have a wonderfully herbal and spicy aroma in a dank way that relates somewhat to Columbus. The hops are gonna hit you like Ricardo Lockette on a punt. Go Hawks!

On tap this week: 2 new beers!

And now, for the post holiday doldrums, or as I like to call it, the best time of the year. This is the time when every day feeds you slightly more vitamin D, crocuses and daffodils start poking up with the first green shoots. I figure, if we’re going to do anything traditionally brewed in cold weather, now is the last chance. Enter the french stylings of Bière de Garde.

I can hear you all now. “What’s this about a French beer? French people make wine, not beer! It can’t possibly be any better than Italian beer, and that’s bad!” Ah, yes, but back when it was cool to pay your peasant farm hands with watered down beer, the French had the same idea as the Belgians, who called their version Saison. As with Saison, Bière de Garde was initially lower alcohol, to keep the workers from being drunk, but as the style developed, it changed quite a bit. Bière de Garde literally translates to “beer for keeping” and was often cellared for a bit before serving. Given the sanitation standards of farm brewing, it was hard to get a low alcohol beer to age well, often succumbing to souring bacteria not long into the process. Higher alcohol beers age better, and the ABV crept up over time from 3.5-4% to 6-8.5% or so. Ours was brewed a month ago, and is golden in color, 8.4%, somewhat malty, but dry and clean, and features traditional Kent Golding hops combined with a new Yakima variety called Belma. Like Belgian beer, the yeast matters as much as the malt and hops, but the Bière de Garde strains are not as tart and spicy as Saisons. As soon as the Too Big Blonde ale kicks the bucket, it’ll get tapped, and we are on the last of 7 kegs, so come help finish it off!

The other new beer waiting in the wings is the first in a new series, a single hop, featuring Amarillo. Amarillo, like Simcoe and Citra, is a rock star hop. If Cascade was Mick Jagger (been around forever, still relevant, gets consumed at most parties), Amarillo would be kind of a Macklemore (new kid on the scene, universally appealing, sometimes gets over-played). In an era of citrusy, fruity hops, Amarillo came on the scene a couple years ago with a uniquely intense flavor and aroma best applied to IPAs. Quickly, they became hard to get, and they sell out every year. Along with Horizon hops (you may remember Horizon from the Farmhouse IPA we did), Amarillo has the highest myrcene content of any hop, which is responsible for intensifying flavors of earthy orange and grapefruit citrus. Amarillo Single Hop is 5% ABV, and uses Amarillo at every stage of brewing, applied during the boil at minutes 60, 30, 15, 10, 5 and during the whirlpool and dry hop stages. It will get tapped as soon as we finish the Rye Stout, which we are currently on the last keg of. We will be repeating this experiment with different hops for a while (next up, Galaxy hops). Get to know Amarillo on it’s own in this simple, refreshing beer, which is also a great beer to toast touchdowns with …

Speaking of, we won’t be opening early for any games, but we will have NFL playoff games on the TV on Saturday and Sunday this week. As for the Seahawks’ Divisional Playoff game next week, we will open early, naturally, at 1pm. Go Hawks!

Lastly, please enjoy this amazing promotional video made by the lovely daughter of one of our lovely customers:

Sunday Randall and New Year Hours

I hope you all had a delightful time over the holidays. We’ve gotten past the low point in the Seattle winter, and the sun is around a few minutes longer every day. Here comes the optimism, and it’s right on time, because today’s Seahawks game is a big one. To help you all with the stress of the game, today’s Randall is the Too Big Blonde (Belgian Golden Strong) through Hallertau, a noble hop famed for it’s floral and spicy aroma. Given that the Blonde isn’t hopped very heavily, it should bel a fun candidate for the Randall.

Hours this week will be typical, except for New Year’s Day, when I’ll be in there brewing. We won’t be open for on premise drinking, but if for some reason you’re not nursing a hangover and swearing off alcohol, I’ll gladly fill your growler. So the hours look like this:

  • 1/1 Wednesday: Closed, but brewing from 2-7pm, will fill growlers
  • 1/2 Thursday: 4-8pm
  • 1/3 Friday: 4-8pm
  • 1/4 Saturday: 2-8pm
  • 1/5 Sunday: 2-8pm

Happy New Year, everybody. I look forward to peddling more beer in 2014!

Special hours: Open today, closed tomorrow.

If you need a growler fill to get through hanging out with Aunt Mable, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be open today from 2-6pm, and closed for Christmas. The rest of the week, we will be running normal hours, so it looks like this:

  • Tuesday:  2-6pm
  • Xmas:  closed
  • Thursday:  4-8pm
  • Friday:  4-8pm
  • Saturday:  2-8pm
  • Sunday:  2-8pm

Happy Holidays!


Thanks, AleTrailMaps.com!

We just got a great review by AleTrailMaps.com! If your head is spinning with the number of new breweries in Seattle, and you’d like a little help figuring out the next one to visit, go visit their site. The writing is well done and there are plenty of photos, covering Washington breweries with substance and personal experience.

Also, don’t forget about the Sunday randall this week … Wheated Red through Citra. Yum. In 30 Minutes. Go Hawks!

On tap this week: Too much

There is just too much going on to sum it up neatly. First off:



It’s that time of year in our little town – the dark age. It feels like it goes on forever. In reality, it’s almost over. To commemorate the bottom of the pit in Seattle, we are selling a new shirt. A black American Apparel track shirt, which is slightly more fitted than the gray one and made of a blend of cotton, polyester and rayon (AKA very comfortable). Consider one for a Christmas present for the beer drinker in your family. They go for $25 (tax included). There are plenty of the original (soon vintage) grey cotton tee shirts, as long as you don’t want a men’s large or extra large, and they will be $20 until gone.

Next up: If you haven’t heard, the Judkins Park Festival of Lights will be illuminating a mile of lights through our neighborhood this Friday from 6:00-8:30! Stop by Standard first, and try the Too Big Blonde (Belgian Golden Strong) or grab a growler to go before taking a Friday night walk with your friends!

Holiday hours. They go as such:

  • Tuesday, 12/24: Open from 2-6pm (Come fill growlers for your parties!)
  • Wednesday, 12/25: Closed for Christmas
  • Thursday – Sunday, 12/26 – 12/29: Normal hours

Go Hawks! Our Sunday Randall this week will be the Wheated Red run through a half pound of Citra hops, which will be a hoot, because we’ll be open @ 1:00 to show the Seahawks vs Cardinals game.

New Beers! Keep your eyes peeled for a single hop series initially featuring Amarillo hops and a Biere de Garde, a sort of richer, more French Saison, as well as our barleywine aged on french limousin oak.

Lastly, please consider us this holiday season as a beer source for your holiday parties. We sell kegs starting at $75 for a 1/6th barrel cornelius keg. Please write us if you’d like us to fuel your next party!

Rally Randall Sunday: CDA+Chinook+Rosemary

This week on the Sunday Randall, it’s the Cascadian Dark Ale, with piney Chinook hops and a sprig of rosemary. It tastes like Christmas. You will love it. Come get it. Since it’s a 10am Seahawks game, we will be open our normal hours of 2-8pm. Don’t forget we open early for any 1pm games!

On tap this week: Too Big Blonde Ale and tee shirt sale

As promised, today we welcome a new beer to the taps. The Too Big Blonde ale is our Belgian golden strong ale. It has the Belgian yeast spiciness with a dry, slightly tangy finish. It was made with Kent Golding and Saaz hops, but the hop profile subdued, leaving room for the yeast to talk. It clocks in at 8.5%, and we’re releasing it alongside our neighbor’s sale across the street. Two Big Blondes consignment shop is selling their goods up to 90% off through Saturday, so go check them out when you’re done.

Speaking of sales, we’re putting our tee shirts on sale until they’re gone. If you’ve wanted one, but couldn’t stomach $25, you can now get one for $20. Bundled with a Standard pint glass and growler, it would make a sweet Xmas gift for the beer lover in your life. The only catch is, we’re running out of certain sizes while we wait for the new, different shirts to come in. Currently, men’s L and XL are out of stock. Get one while supplies last, because when they’re gone, they’ll suddenly become “vintage”. Stay tuned for the new shirt …

Go Hawks! Rally Randall Sundays!

Hate the 49ers as much as we do? Looking for a good place to watch the game while enjoying a randalled IPA? Well, come on down to Standard tomorrow. This is a friendly reminder that we open early on 1:30pm game days to show Seahawks games both on the TV inside, and outside on the 80 inch projection screen (we keep the heater on). Happy hour runs an extra hour, from 1-3pm.

Furthermore, we are rallying every Sunday through the season by randalling a different beer each week. In case you don’t know, or don’t remember IPA Day cuz you overdid it, a randall is a container stuffed with hops (or sometimes other stuff) which the beer gets pushed through en route to your glass. The end result is a a delightfully hoppy (but not bitter) aroma and taste. This week, we will be putting the Imperial IPA on randall with Centennial hops. Randalled beers are an extra buck, but happy hour applies to randalled beers, as well. See y’all tomorrow!

On tap this week: A cure for cold nights

So, it’s cold. For Seattle, it’s as cold as it gets. I hope you all remembered to drain your hoses and insulate water spigots. Being tiny, and relying on an outdoor space for much of our seating, we have been somewhat concerned about the severe drop in temperature, but you should rest assured: Standard is snug as a bug in a rug. I picked up a new front door that allows us to close it, and still see the patio (to comply with some law somewhere). Check it out:


We put the patio heater to the test during a private party for the Seahawks’ badass display of power, skill and intelligence, and it was quite comfortable for being 32 degrees. Come on down and pretend like it’s summer with us. Did I mention that we are open early for all 1pm Sunday games? Happy hour is an extra hour on game days – from 1pm-3pm. I’ve also been playing the rest of the games on Sunday, because I can’t help myself. Come fight the winter doldrums by getting outside, going for a walk and warming up with a barleywine and your neighbors.

Upcoming: Ever been to Two Big Blondes across the street? Aside from being super awesome ladies, it’s a great consignment shop. In honor of their big sale next week, we are releasing a Belgian Golden Strong call the Too Big Blonde Ale. Keep your eyes peeled. The sale runs December 10th – December 14th, so go check out the screaming deals.

Current tap list:

  • Dry Rye Nitro Stout
  • Rye IPA
  • Cascadian Dark Ale
  • West Coast IPA
  • Pale Ale
  • Wheated Red Ale
  • Imperial IPA
  • Barleywine
  • Bee’s Wine

Holiday hours and the new Laura!

Come get your Thanksgiving growlers tonight, because we will be closed on Thanksgiving. We will be back open Friday through Sunday, though. While you’re here, you can meet the new Laura! Not that one can replace the “old” Laura, but our new beer slingin’ employee is named Laura, too. She’s awesome, and you may already know her from Broadcast Coffee, an awesome little coffee shop at 19th and Yesler.

Don’t forget, we have a heat lamp!

It’s really cold in Seattle. It’s officially scarf and gloves weather, but you don’t have to drink indoors, because we have a blazing hot heat lamp on our front patio. Also, don’t forget that tonight is your last chance to hang with Laura over a pint, so git on down here!

On tap this week: A fond farewell

The week prior to opening Standard Brewing, I had scheduled a few soft openings. One of my old friends came to visit on what she thought was opening night, but she was a week early, and as it turned out, just an hour before the first party.

IMG_1225She and her husband became Standard’s first customers, and shortly thereafter, Laura became the first person to pour a pint of our suds besides myself. Without her help, the brewery would have been much harder to manage. Laura’s involvement made things like the patio expansion and improvements a possibility, and gave me time to focus on brewing more. She has been invaluable, and now she is leaving the state, heading to a place with more sunshine and opportunity. Friday, November 22nd will be Laura’s last shift, so if you appreciate her as much as I do, come get a final pint from her and send her off with some good vibes. The doors will be open from 4-8pm, or whenever she wants to shut them!

Regarding beer, here’s the tap list for the week:

  1. Dry Rye Nitro Stout
  2. Rye IPA
  3. Cascadian Dark Ale
  4. West Coast IPA
  5. Pale Ale
  6. Wheated Red Ale
  7. Imperial IPA
  8. Barleywine
  9. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer

Seahawks vs. Vikings on the screens at Standard

Okung, Giacomini, Unger and Harvin are all back, and today’s game won’t be anything short of exciting, so come watch it at Standard with an IPA in your hand and in good company. The game is going up on the TV inside and on the projector outside as well in 10 minutes!

On tap this week: Seahawks, Movies and Simarillian Pale

So we’ve had a busy month. Patio cover, then patio heater, TV, then an HD projector. The space is now ready for your wintertime revelry. Just in time for Halloween and Percy Harvin, we are Netflix and HD broadcast capable with both indoor and outdoor screens. From here till the end of the season, we’ll be opening early on Sundays (@ 1:00) to show Seahawks afternoon games. This excludes the two 10:00 am games and Monday against the Saints. If it’s confusing, just remember that if the game is on a Sunday, and it starts around 1:00, we’ll have it on.

As for Halloween, we’re going to break in the projector with 3 (sorta) scary movie nights this week. Here’s the schedule:

  • Thursday @ 6pm: Evil Dead
  • Friday @ 6pm: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
  • Saturday @ 6pm: The Baby

Lastly, we’ve kegged up the winner of the CDBC Pro/Am competition: Chris Prost’s Simarillian Pale Ale. With a solid dose of equal parts Simcoe and Amarillo, and at 7.0%, it’s a delicious hop slap. It’ll be on tap today, so come check it out.

On tap this week: Outdoor Heat!

This week we get one step closer to finishing the outdoor patio with a patio heater. Combined with the canopy, the heat stays in and keeps the front patio plenty warm, even on 40 degree foggy nights. Later this week the projector arrives, and with it will come Seahawks games and movies on Sunday nights.

You may have noticed that the Imperial IPA came off for a second just before the Barleywine went on tap. It is back on, as the Fresh Hop has finished. So …

On tap:

  1. Dry Rye Nitro Stout
  2. Rye IPA
  3. CDA
  4. West Coast IPA
  5. Pale Ale
  6. Wheated Red Ale
  7. Imperial IPA
  8. Barleywine
  9. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer

Look soon for the Simarillian Pale Ale!



On tap this week: Television

I don’t know what percentage of Standard Brewing drinkers are football fans, but if you have even an inkling of interest, you should be excited about this next bit. We just got cable installed at the tasting room. This means that we’ll have a TV that rolls out for special events inside, and a projector put outside, blasting the big gray wall with 100″ of screen for your enjoyment of what is shaping up to be the most exciting Seahawks season ever.

If the patio cover is sewn right the first time, it should be hung on Friday (hooray), and I can hopefully get the projector up and running early next week. In the mean time, Thursday night’s Seahawks game will be on the TV inside at the brewery, so come watch it with us at 5:30.

Note for TV haters: I am generally in agreement, and most of the time, I find TVs to be eyeball sucking ad machines. Nevertheless, there are times when a TV is mandatory (elections, movie time, really exciting ball games), and it’ll only come out for these times. The rest of the time, Standard’s little tasting room and patio will be a place for conversation and beer, but we’re going to try to have our cake and eat it too, as they say. Look to the website in the future to see when and what the screens will come out for.

Still on tap:

  1. Dry Rye Nitro Stout
  2. Rye IPA
  3. CDA
  4. West Coast IPA
  5. Pale
  6. Wheated Red
  7. Imperial IPA
  8. Fresh Hop Ale
  9. Bee’s Wine Traditional Ginger Beer

Barleywine will go on tap as soon as the Fresh Hop blows! Following that will be the CDBC Pro/Am winner, Chris Prost’s Simarillian Pale Ale!

Fresh Hop Ale is now on tap

To recap:

  1. Dry Rye Nitro Stout
  2. Rye IPA
  3. Cascadian Dark Ale
  4. West Coast IPA
  5. Pale Ale
  6. Wheated Red Ale
  7. Imperial IPA
  8. Fresh Hop Ale
  9. Bee’s Wine

That’s 9 taps, open 5 days a week.


On tap this week: 100% more cozy

With fall fast approaching (approached, really), it’s time to get down to business making the world around us more warm and inviting. Here’s what we’re doing at Standard to prepare for the hard months. First, this:


That’s right, a “real” fireplace.

Next up, the patio cover, which is on schedule to be installed some time this week, preferably before the next real rain. To include a propane heater.

Then, Fresh Hop Ale #2! I got away with a second harvest after that first crazy rain, so I did a second version of the previously titled “Wet Hop Ale” (+ a bunch of other words). To clarify, “fresh” and “wet” are synonyms for hops that go straight from the bine to the beer without drying. The difference is similar to the difference between dried and fresh herbs in cooking. This time, while the malt is the same, the hops are Nugget, Hallertau and Willamette. Hopefully this will be on tap by the end of the week.

Lastly, Barleywine. Somewhat sweet, hoppy (Cascade, Centennial, Mosaic), with a tummy warming alcohol content of 10.3%. We’ll keep a few kegs on tap to serve young, then we’ll be cellaring a few cases of 22 oz bottles, and probably aging a keg or two on oak.

You can speed this all up by chugging the last few pints of Tepache, FYI. That keg just won’t kick!

Tepache almost gone

Hey guys … yeah you, bartenders who like mixing with unusual, but traditional beverages … you, guy who drives up from Seatac to buy a growler every week because he can’t find real Tepache like he remembers it from home in Mexico City … you, folks who told me between gluttonous schlurps that pineapple beer was the best thing you’ve ever had … you, that person who said, “I’ve heard so much, but I’m gonna have to try it next time, because my significant other is telling me to come home already” …


There are only about 8-10 pints left, and it won’t be back until next summer. The problem is, now that I’ve brought in a separate tap for the nitro stout, we technically have 9 taps at the brewery, and I don’t feel like rearranging the letters on the menu board to make space for a 9th tap. So, it’s not on the board, but if you come down this weekend, you might get a pint. Alternatively, you could be a jerk and buy a growler of it, so no one else can have some. We won’t judge. You’re all aware that we are open 2-8pm Sundays, right?

Coming up … Wet Hop Ale #2 (Nugget, Willamette, Hallertau), and Barleywine!