Beer Release: Shoegaze IPA

What goes better with unending winter? Loud, droney rock and hoppy beer seems to work for us. We’re releasing a fruit bomb of an IPA to distract you from the gloom. Shoegaze IPA is based on our beloved West Coast IPA, but heavily dry hopped with Vic Secret and Comet hops for an extra fruity and tropical beer. It’s 7.2% and on tap now!

Beer Release: Small Hands Lager

The week has come and gone, and we know you need a beer. Standard has your fix, with our newest release, Small Hands Lager. Unfiltered, soft and grainy, clean and slightly floral, this guy is a daily fortifier built for coming down off of Friday. It’s on tap now, and the doors are open, so come fill up and celebrate a sunny start to the weekend.

Double Beer Release: Voodoo Funk #2 and Crop Circles

We heard a lot of moaning when Voodoo Funk #1 kicked the can. For those of you that felt that pain, you’re in luck. A mixed culture sour, Voodoo Funk #2 puts out notes of sour candy and cellar funk. It’s medium bodied and fruity with a long finish. 5.5%, and so, so good.

We’re also swinging back to the hops for a second, with another delicious, hazy pale ale. Crop Circles Extra Pale is hop-bursted and backloaded with tons of Simcoe and Azacca hops, for an excess of pine and grapefruit notes, and 6.1% ABV.

Come and be merry.

Beer Release: Old Shuck

Happy Friday everyone! Just in time for your weekend, we’re releasing a doozy of a beer. We laid some stout stock down on cherries and aged it in oak for a total of 4 months before blending it into a rich, delectable, 9.4% tart stout. It’s an unusual style, and it’s on tap now, so come and get it!

Standard Beer Feast at Bramling Cross

Heads up … we’re doing an awesome beer dinner with our friends over at Bramling Cross in Ballard, and there are only a few days left to get your tickets. The fun starts at 7pm on Monday, February 20th. Chef Travis will be in attendance to present an awesome menu paired with 5 Standard beers, and there’s even an IPA cocktail with dessert! These guys are doing great things, and we’re super excited about this event. Tickets are $55/person, and you can get yours by calling the restaurant at 206.420.8192.



Joey of the Day, Pale Ale


Voodoo Funk, Bottle-Conditioned Sour
Mosaic Pale Ale

House Country Sourdough with brewer’s grains, whipped butter
Shaved Winter Vegetable Salad, Meyer lemon
Saffron Arancini with Taleggio, thyme
Salt Cod Mantecato with fresh herbs, crostini


Spelt Saison
Dwayne IPA

Salt & Pepper Fritto Misto, squid, shrimp, rockfish, fennel
Pan-roasted Pork Tenderloin with kumquat agrodolce, farro


A Hop-Inspired Beer Cocktail

Something Sweet from the pastry team…

Beer Release: Dwayne IPA

Brewed with just Waimea and Wakatu hops from New Zealand, Dwayne IPA is a  crisp, piney and floral IPA. Restrained, balanced and refreshing, and with a simple pilsner malt and flaked barley grain bill, this little 6.3% number is a perfect precursor to spring. On tap now!

Watch the Super Bowl at Standard

The Super Bowl has the wrong bird team in it, but Seahawks fans can feel good knowing that we beat both of the teams playing in it this year. There’s always next season. In the mean time, come on down and enjoy the last game of the season, stress-free, with a delicious beer in your hand. The patio is dry and warm, and the screen image bright. Whether you’re rooting for the perennial dynasty or the newcomers, we’ve got a great place for you to watch it. Doors open at 2pm, as usual.

Beer Release: Draxx Them Sklounst!

We’re gettin’ froggy this week with a triple IPA brewed to draxx you up. 10% ABV, pilsner, maris and wheat malts get hypothetical on your clavicle. Vic Secret, Kohatu, and Mosaic hops are your rainbow connection to notes of pineapple and papaya. If any of them terries come up in here trying some grab-ass and the touchy-feely, we got this on lock. Get your Bergeron, cuz with great power comes great reshpronsitrillitrance. We won’t take no for an answer.

Beer Release: Two New Sours!

When it rains, it pours. We are dropping two new awesome beers on you this week. With the first beers from our barrel room coming to fruition, you get to come take a taste of our funk program.

Voodoo Funk #1 is now on tap. Soured with Lactobacillus and fermented and aged with 100% Brettanomyces, it’s a complex, barny, fruity, tart and dry thirst quencher. We’re having a hard time not having another. Look for others in this line, using different strains of Brett for each release. 5.5%, and not available in growlers, unfortunately.

Woodshop Smoked Sour is also on tap. In the style of the esoteric Lichtenhainer Weisse, and much like a Berliner Weisse with smoked malt, we had our good friends at Woodshop BBQ smoke the pilsner malt for this peculiar beer. It’s tart and lemony, but laced with hickory smoke, and perfect with a little barbecued meat. 4.2%, and also not available in growlers.

Sour fans, rejoice, and come on down to the brewery for some pre-spring beers. It’s kind of nice out.

Beer Release: Gravity Waves, an Oatmeal Stout

It may be wet, but it’s “warm”. It’s warm enough to enjoy a seasonally appropriate beer on the patio under some heat lamps. Forget about what might be going wrong in your life right now and come enjoy a Gravity Waves at Standard. It’s our oatmeal stout, it’s roasty and black as night, with dark chocolate and dried fruit notes. The oats make it round, but it finishes dry as a bone. It’s 5.5% and it’s calling your name. Hear it and come hither.

Watch the Seahawks with us!

Just a reminder that we’re opening at 1pm today, ahead of the Seahawks’ playoff game against the Falcons. Come fill up on growlers for your football party, or watch the game with us under the heaters on the patio. It’s chilly today, but less cold than it’s been, and the sun is out, so you’ll enjoy a walk to the brewery. I’m sure that this bodes well for the Hawks, and your screams for Rawls plowing through flailing red jerseys will keep you warm.

Hey guys, remember this?


Beer Release: Jerry, Blonde Bière de Garde

We’ve all been in a bit of a funk lately. Life in Seattle seems to have entered a daze, with the freezing temps and lack of exercise shutting brains down and killing social lives. You may be looking for something to do that doesn’t involve your TV or a nap. We have just the thing … come grab a glass of Jerry and talk to your neighbors in our cozy little room!

A blonde Bière de Garde, Jerry is lighter and boozier than its amber brother, Earl. A rich balance of 8.2% alcohol, Pilsner, Munich and spelt malts, and fermentation notes of baked apple and a hint of allspice, its a perfect mid-winter sipper. It’s been a rough winter, but with beer, we can all collectively appreciate that the days are quickly getting longer, and things are gonna be ok after all.

Beer Release: Mosaic Single Hop

There aren’t a whole lot of hops that taste delightful on their own, but Mosaic has long been one of our favorites. On its own, it puts off loads of grapefruit and papaya, with uniquely cutting aromatics. We put it all by its lonesome with mostly pilsner and wheat malts and 5.7% ABV, and the result is as good as any hoppy pale we’ve ever done. Come grab some and celebrate the arrival of the weekend!

Beer Release: Joey of the Day + Holiday Hours!

New beer alert … we turned out another light and hoppy pale for you guys, thinking you might need something chuggable for New Years Eve, ski trips, and other mid-winter parties. A soft, juicy, creamy pale ale with loads of hop flavor and 5.6% ABV, Joey of the Day is a delight. We made it with pale malt, oats and spelt, and Simcoe, Azacca and El Dorado hops. The result is an easy going pale with creamy orange citrus vibes. Come get some.

Also, our holiday hours are hardly worth mentioning, because there’s nothing special about them, other than the fact that we aren’t closing down for it. We’ll be open our usual 2-8pm on New Year’s Eve, and on New Year’s Day, we’ll be open at 1pm for the 1:30pm Seahawks game. Happy New Year!

Bottle Release: Bunny Kisses!

So you’ve been too busy to deal with holiday gifts and you’re against a wall of last second duties before you go visit friends and family for the old annual holiday. Well, we’ve got you covered. There are some things you need to know:

Thing #1: We’re releasing Bunny Kisses tomorrow, 12/23 at 4pm in 22 oz format. We aged Snuffleupagus, our 12% imperial stout, in bourbon barrels for 6 months. Snuffy’s sharp peat notes were softened during this time, and the contributions of bourbon characteristics fit beautifully with this beer. We’re super excited to drop this one on you guys. We’re selling 22 oz bottles for $14. Here’s the label:

Thing #2: We’ve been sitting on a dozen or so cases of Skid Road, and we’re feeling generous, so we’re releasing 2 cases at the same time. They will be available at $15 a bottle. Of course, Brett Earl is also still available.

Thing #3: We will be open normal hours this week, except that we will be open at 1pm on Christmas Eve so that you can come watch the Seahawks game and drink beers. We will be closed on Christmas Day.

So come on down and stock up on Christmas gifts and get the whole merch and bottle package! Happy Hoildays

Standard hoodies, y’all!

Oh lord, look at what just showed up! It’s Standard hoodies, people.

Printed on American Apparel all cotton zip up hoodie, and looking great with your Standard Brewing hat, we’ve got Christmas covered for you. Come on down and grab some merch and a beer from Connor tonight!

New merch! Hats for your dome.

It’s frigid in Seattle. It’s that kind of cold that keeps people inside, watching Netflix series in a pair of slippers. Still, we’re challenging you to get up, come out to the brewery and score yourself a new Standard Brewing hat, or buy one for your sibling for Christmas, or just come get a beer and stare at them. Cuz they’re pretty.

6 panels, cloth front, mesh back with a snap size adjuster, black on the front, grey in the back. Now you can sport your Standard on your dome! Keep your eyes peeled, because we have a lot of great Christmas presents coming down the pipeline this week.

Also, take a peek at the new website while you’re thinking about us. We went through a redesign this week, and you can now check the current tap list through a link at the top of the page.

And also also, we just installed a glass paneled door between the patio and the indoor space so we can keep the heat in, so the indoor space is toasty now!

Beer Release: Holy Hand Grenade!

I know that most of you are probably tired of 2016. Leaving politics aside, Bowie, Prince, Sharon, Leonard, Merle, Phife and a few other great musicians all died in this stupid year. Lemmy, due to a lifetime of shamanistic devotion to drinking, saw visions of how crappy this year would be and bailed out days before it started. There’s no doubt you need an explosive device that thou mayest blow this year to tiny bits. We present to you a Holy Hand Grenade.


Loaded with chocolate and brown sugar notes over roasty richness, and a boozy 11.5% worth of warming redemption, this imperial stout is going to make everything better. Come by the brewery, watch some Seahawks at 5:30, and let us fix it all with our taplist:

  1. Menomena Red Sour
  2. Cranberry Sour
  3. Yips Session Pale
  4. Ghost Note Schwarzbier
  5. Dark Helmet Stout
  6. Superfly Rye IPA
  7. Cabin Vibes Barrel Aged Stout
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Holy Hand Grenade Imperial Stout
  10. Spelt Saison
  11. Cascadian Dark Ale
  12. Wet Hop Pale
  13. Elemental Blood Orange Cider

Beer Release: Cabin Vibes Barrel Aged Stout

Everyone I know that skis or snowboards is starting to talk about the slopes opening as we finally got some snow at the passes this week. It’s cold enough that if your blood hasn’t thickened up yet, you’re probably constantly looking for the next coffee or tea or at least a wool hat. Maybe you’re thinking about finding a cabin somewhere, maybe with a bear skin rug, or at least a wool blanket, a fireplace, a whiskey … some Standard beer …

Enter Cabin Vibes, our barrel aged imperial stout. Just in time for your Thanksgiving feast dessert, we have all the rich chocolate, coffee and oak vanilla notes you could want in an 8.5% beer. We made a ton of it, so you can take it with you in growler format if you like.


As mentioned before, we’ll be open tomorrow (Thanksgiving) from 11am till 2pm, and here’s everything we’re pouring right now:

  1. Menomena Red Sour
  2. Cranberry Sour
  3. Yips Session Pale
  4. Ghost Note Schwarzbier
  5. Dark Helmet Stout
  6. Superfly Rye IPA
  7. Cabin Vibes Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Mossback Pale
  10. Spelt Saison
  11. Cascadian Dark Ale
  12. Wet Hop Pale
  13. Elemental Blood Orange Cider


How’s that for a diverse line up?

We’re open on Thanksgiving!

When others take the day off, we keep slingin’ beer! Connor will be waiting on your beery needs from 11am-2pm Thanksgiving Day. The rest of our hours will remain normal this week. Come and gobble up all the beer. Oh yeah, there is plenty of Cranberry Sour to go around!