Some press, Schwarz Kölsch, and beer dinner!

I’m a little slow to get this up on the blog, but we got a nice mention in an article on Seattle Met’s Nosh Pit about our Bee’s Wine! Check it out here.

Next, mark your calendars for Monday, March 16th. We have teamed up with one of our favorite little cafes (it’s been mentioned here before) Cafe Barjot. Chef Nick Coffey, formerly of Sitka and Spruce, sat down with a bunch of Standard beer and put together an amazing spread of food made with our beers and ingredients. You can always find West Coast IPA on tap at Cafe Barjot, but we’ll be pairing other beers with the courses. The menu looks fantastic, so call for a reservation before they book up! There will be seatings at 6:00 and 8:30 pm.

In the mean time, come get a Schwarz Kölsch! It’s a Kölsch, but it’s black! Light, bright, with a very subtle roast note and Hallertau hops, it’s a delicious counterpart to the Altbier. It’s 5%, and great for a crisp spring evening.

  1. Rye IPA
  2. West Coast IPA
  3. Imperial IPA
  4. Pale Ale
  5. Wheated Red Ale
  6. Cascadian Dark Ale
  7. Cream Phoenix on nitro
  8. Schwarz Kölsch
  9. Altbier
  10. Bière de Garde
  11. Auld Alliance
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer