Seahawks Opening Gameday!

We’ve had some great Seahawk memories at Standard Brewing. There was a time when we completely filled out the 8 seat bar inside the brewery to watch the NFC Championship game on a tiny TV while 10 more people overflowed around a propane heater under a wind-whipped triangular sail. I remember watching as the faithful sat with frigid, rain-dampened shoes and a 12% Snuffleupagus stout in hand while the broadcast came and went on the projector. We all sat dejected as we turned the ball over about 3000 times en route to falling behind 16-0 to the Green Bay Packers. It really felt like a return to the Super Bowl wasn’t in the cards. Then, John Ryan tossed a ridiculous touchdown on a fake punt to Gilliam. Maybe? Another turnover and we were back to drinking sadness beers, perilously close to the end of the 4th quarter, down 19-7.

Then, Beast Mode didn’t step out, and found the end zone. For the 3rd time, the projector failed. 3 minutes left. Everyone outside shout-moaned as they heard  cheers from inside. Zeke narrated through the door for the poor wet people that couldn’t fit inside. The only way we could watch the rest of the game was to cut off beer service and pack everyone into the 50 square foot space. So we did. Then, that poor guy Bostick tried to catch an onside kick off his helmet, and suddenly everyone knew Chris Matthews’ name. Another Beast Mode teeder, this time calmly walking across the line. Instead of huge celebrations, he offered cordial handshakes to teammates. Up 1 point, Pete goes for a 2 point conversion, Russ runs backwards, yackety sax style and throws the most impossible cross-body lob to Luke Wilson. Up 3. A tying field goal, an overtime, and then much beer was spilled as the chills ran down spines. Drunk on endorphins, about a dozen and a half people lost their voices watching Doug, Jermaine and Russ dominate 80 yards of field on 3 plays. We went back to the Super Bowl. People cried joyfully. Watch for yourself and try not to get pumped up.

We will all miss Jermaine Kearse. You were so clutch for so long, buddy. But football is a business too, and salary caps are what make football interesting. Now we have a receiving corps, and backfield that couldn’t be deeper, a healthy and smarter-than-ever-Russell, the best defensive backs money and buy, and Sheldon Richardson just took our D line from epic to unfathomably terrifying. On paper, we are peaking, and the season starts tomorrow. We play Green Bay in Lambeau, and we haven’t won on that field since 1999. Last year that damned field gave us one of our biggest loss margins of the Pete Carroll era, but we were deeply injured then and the weather was terrible. This will not be the case tomorrow.

We no longer have to cram into a tiny room to watch the games. You get to choose between a cozy indoor TV or a spacious outdoor projection to watch. As always, the broadcast sound goes on for Seahawk games. The fun starts tomorrow at 1:25pm, and you can eat a sandwich at halftime, and toast a comeback with a whisky. Come fan with us.