Showing Seahawks, pouring CDA!

We are opening up at 12:30 today, so we can fill your growlers for the game, and it’ll be on the screen at 1:25. Your revelry, should you choose to join us, can now be lubricated with a fine glass of Cascadian Dark Ale! This two-time WA state medal winning brown and hoppy beer is a fine choice for a blustery, stormy afternoon, with it’s 8.6% ABV, chocolatey, piney, punchy cascade of flavors. See you in a bit!

Tap List:

  1. Cascadian Dark Ale
  2. Om (Holy Mountain)
  3. Autumn Pale
  4. Centennial Fresh Hop (Reuben’s Brews)
  5. Saison Dolores (Almanac)
  6. Rye Porter
  7. Profanity Hill Porter (Schooner Exact)
  8. Li’l Brown Beer
  9. West Coast IPA
  10. Field 41 Pale (Bale Breaker)
  11. American Brown Ale (Reuben’s Brews)
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer